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Journey to Wellness: Become a better you

James Barrett - Journey to Wellness

James Barrett shares his experience with the Journey to Wellness program at The Summit

I've spent the large majority of my life overweight, with poor eating habits and avoidance of exercise. A lot of it had to do with feeling disempowered; feeling like it was too late to make a difference. Some of it had to do with anxiety, depression and comfort eating. But I also felt a lot of shame and embarrassment going to gyms and dieticians before. Part of my discouragement was because most programs I found were geared towards losing 20 lbs or less, a quick summer six pack boot camp, or for those with some fitness experience already.

As a result, I was pretty skeptical when I began the Journey to Wellness program at the Summit. I thought I would be surrounded by even more unsympathetic and, perhaps, unqualified professionals that would end up deterring me from finishing. I'm so happy to say that I was wrong.

Over these last few months, my support team at The Summit did a wonderful job educating me in relevant ways. They empowered me to try new things and reassured me that everything is okay - when my heart is pounding 140 beats per minute I'm assured that I'm safer under their supervision versus working out at home.

Now when I walk through the doors of the Summit, I feel a sense of relief and confidence. I'm not just there to work out and leave. Instead, I am there with a full team in my corner - to guide me and cheer me on! Jude has been an amazing and sympathetic coach throughout my journey. He helped me find motivation to keep coming back when I wanted to quit. Barbi is probably the friendliest and most understanding person I've ever met in my life, and she put emphasis on my own personal growth. Trina has helped me focus on me (not what others may think), that she only gives me what I can handle, and has coached me through setbacks. And Angela and Lindsay always make sure I laugh as much as I sweat. 

I am very thankful for this experience. While I haven't hit my goals as fast as I wanted, I've learned to make more realistic and permanent changes. Now wherever I go, I am confident in my ability to grow (or shrink, really) with everything I have learned from this program and the wonderful coaches at The Summit.


We want to thank James for sharing his very personal story with us and congratulate him on all his successes.

James Barrett is supported by the Journey to Wellness team which includes Jude, Barbi, Trina, Lindsay and Angela. That’s quite a crew of support! Jude is James’ wellness coach and meets with him weekly. Barbi is a motivational speaker and mentor that leads the Mindful Eating program. Trina, Lindsay and Angela are trainers at The Summit that instruct the S.E.L.F. (Supervised Exercise with a Life Focus) program where participants receive individual guidance and advice regarding their exercise routine.

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The Journey to Wellness program is designed to meet you where you are today and to help you confidently move toward a healthier tomorrow. Journey to Wellness is a three-month lifestyle improvement program at The Summit. This tailored program sets you up with certified wellness coaches to help inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you might do alone. There is strength and support in numbers!