14:49 PM

GVPS wraps up HEART Locker drive

Throughout the holiday months, Glacier View Plastic Surgery (GVPS) celebrated the season with compassion. In November and December of 2019, the staff at Glacier View Plastic Surgery asked their patients to bring in donation items for the Kalispell HEART Locker, and in return, they would receive 20% off their injectable services.

GVPS has been holding this specific drive for the past two years, and by their consistent commitment and love for their community, they have been able to collect hundreds items that are necessary to every child’s life, such as clothing, blankets and toothpaste. “It is because of amazing humans like you, your staff and participants of the drive that we were able to make the season brighter for many local youth, struggling with homelessness,” states the staff at the Kalispell HEART Locker.

Altogether, GVPS had over 100 individuals donate items to the Kalispell HEART Locker, bringing in over 600 items for the organization.

Kristy Ehrmantraut, PA at GVPS states, “We started to partner with the HEART Locker about two years ago. When I first moved to the area, my husband working as a professor at FVCC and my youngest daughter in 8th grade, I had been painfully aware of the many homeless people and students in the valley.” Kristy started to hear about the Kalispell HEART Locker and it was instantly put on her radar to find out how she and the team at GVPS could help these kids. She says, “A lot of what we collected over the holidays actually went towards gifts for parents to take home so they had a gift for their children for the holidays. The impact we’ve seen has been incredible, and we hope to continue to help more students in the Flathead Valley.”