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Get with the Brogram

Men's Health Week, June 11-17

Calling all fellas! We are celebrating YOU the week of June 11 and we hope you take part in the fun. In fact, invite the entire family and other friends to participate. We want to see a healthier, happier you so do it for yourself and do it for those that are in your life, too.

We’ve compiled some great tips and advice to help you work towards your best self by identifying some attainable lifestyle changes that can yield some quick benefits. While there is not one singular habit that will help you drop 20 pounds overnight, simple improvements with nutrition, physical activity, disease prevention and positive adjustments could have you feeling better — with more energy — in a relatively short amount of time.

Dudes and Doctors

Did you know that men are half as likely as women to see a doctor in a two-year period? Well, sweeping generalizations are just that – too broad and too general. However, in this case, they are actually well-researched. According to 2014 survey data collected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men truly are 50 percent less likely to seek medical care than their female counterparts. And – get this — men were two times more likely to say they’ve never had contact with a doctor or health professional as an adult.

What’s the Deal, Guys?

The “why” related to this question is likely deep-rooted in old-school habits and culture, promoting the stoic, strong man with no emotion that does not require help of any kind. We ask you to challenge that thinking. Kids, partners, friends and co-workers depend on the men in our lives to stick around and stay healthy in mind and body.

Whatever the reason for avoiding a visit to your medical provider, we hope you realize that knowledge is power. Power to make decisions. Power to be there for your loved ones. Power to keep playing and adventuring. Power to control your life, and not be controlled by an illness.

Be Courageous!

Whether you are an avid athlete, a learned professor, a stay-at-home dad, or a proud grandpa; your impact and future plans only matter if you get to stay in the game and play. If you’re sick, injured or facing a chronic ailment due to lack of medical attention, you can’t deliver peak performances. Your family and friends rely on you; if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you help take care of others? Even when you feel healthy, it’s a great idea to book an annual check-up to confirm this feeling. Be courageous and talk to your primary care provider regularly. You can get suggestions tailored to your own health and lifestyle, but also consider these regular screenings (For more information please visit the United States Preventive Task Force web site for more detailed information).

  • High cholesterol

  • High blood pressure

  • Colorectal cancer

  • Prostate cancer

  • Lung cancer

Most importantly, find a primary care provider and talk to them. They can help you determine the right types of screenings, lifestyle adjustments and age-appropriate exams for your unique situation. Remember that personal and family history can play a role as well as your ethnic group and health background.

Time to get with the Brogram!

In all seriousness, men, we challenge you to think about showing your strength, intelligence and leadership in a new way. The next time you don’t feel like getting that weird bump checked out or believe that ache will just work itself out, remember your value as a provider, son, father, brother, grandfather, role model, partner and friend to those around you. Not all ailments provide obvious symptoms and can be “silent sicknesses.” Routine checkups are critical for detecting these problems and staying healthy.

Most importantly, taking care of yourself enables you to take care of those who mean the most to you. Get with the brogram and schedule a visit with your medical provider today!


Check out more tips and advice about fitness, nutrition (including some delicious grilling recipes) and simple lifestyle adjustments that will boost your healthy living at krh.org/menshealth.