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Flathead Orthopedics joins Kalispell Regional Healthcare

Flathead Orthopedics

Effective July 1, Flathead Orthopedics will join Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) as a department of Kalispell Regional Medical Center. Clinic staff and physicians, including Drs. Matthew Bailey, Joseph Bergman, Rodney Brandt, Donald Ericksen, Stanley Makman, Albert Olszewski, Steven Rizzolo, and Ned Wilson, will become employees of KRMC.

The current Orthopedic Surgery Center will also transfer operational management to KRH and will be called the Flathead Outpatient Center. Under the KRH structure, the facility will expand the types of surgical procedures performed at the outpatient surgery center, which will result in improved patient access and reduce the cost of services to our patients.

Discussions began between the two organizations more than a year ago, when leadership of Flathead Orthopedics was looking for ways to ease the burdens of managing an independent practice and surgery center. Joining forces allows both organizations to leverage their strengths for mutual benefit, while providing high quality accessible care to patients.

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