09:00 AM

Eureka medical clinics combine under the name Eureka Healthcare

North Valley Hospital and Kalispell Regional Healthcare are excited to announce that their outreach clinics in Eureka, Montana, will combine their primary care medical clinics on March 1, 2017, to improve patient access and expand offerings needed by the community. The transition also will include some location changes to the Eureka Therapy Center and the office for visiting specialists. The medical clinics will fall under the new name of Eureka Healthcare.

The combined primary care clinic, Eureka Healthcare Primary Care, will be located in the current Eureka Prompt Care building at 304 Osloski Road. Clinic providers and staff from North Country Medical Clinic and Eureka Health Prompt Care will come together to provide primary care services as a division of North Valley Hospital. Two new primary care providers have been recruited to join the current staff later this year in order to help meet the area’s growing need for health care services. As a Rural Health Clinic, the combined primary care clinic will offer financial assistance on more services to more patients in the community.

For the convenience of those living in Lincoln County, visiting specialists will see patients in a new clinic named Eureka Healthcare Specialty Services. The clinic will be located at the current therapy building adjacent to the current Eureka Prompt Care. It will be a division of Kalispell Regional Healthcare.

The current Eureka Therapy Clinic will change its name to Eureka Healthcare Therapy Center, and will relocate to the current North Country Medical Clinic building at 1343 Highway 93 North. The clinic will be a division of North Valley Hospital and will offer physical, occupational and speech therapy.

“We know that your choice of a health care provider is important to you, and we are committed to ensuring that a variety of providers are available to meet your needs,” said Edward Stein, MD, medical director of Eureka Health Prompt Care. “By combining medical services in Eureka, we’ll be working as a team to ensure our patients have quality care that is well coordinated between providers and the hospitals in Whitefish and Kalispell.”

To gain a greater understanding about the community’s health care needs, the clinics will conduct a survey in the coming weeks. Electronic and hard copy surveys will be made available for community members so they may share their thoughts anonymously regarding what additional health care services are needed locally and any challenges they face to accessing care.

“We are looking forward to working together for the benefit of our patients,” said Michelle Smith, NP, at North Country Medical Clinic. “Learning more through the upcoming survey will be important in creating a plan for the future to help meet the health and wellness needs of those we serve.”