11:12 AM

Dr. TC Origitano to be published in Neurosurgery Journals

Neurosurgery as a medical discipline is a relatively young department of modern medicine, with the first successful brain surgeries performed in the early 1900’s. Thanks to a century of exhaustive studies, research, standardization of practices and innovative technology, neurology patients today benefit tremendously in terms of successful treatments and procedures.

At Kalispell Regional Healthcare’s Neuroscience and Spine Institute, continuous education, research and technological advancements are key cornerstones to fulfilling the promise of exceptional patient care. Most recently, Thomas C. Origitano, MD, FACS, FAANS, at Kalispell Regional Healthcare has displayed dynamic contributions to neurosurgery education through the publishing of two papers he has co-authored in the medical journals Neurosurgery and Journal of Neurosurgery.

The papers titled "Neurosurgery residency and fellowship education in the United States: Two decades of system development by the One Neurosurgery Summit organizations" and "Evaluating the Role of Advanced Practice Providers in Neurosurgery" discuss the standardization of training and education over the past decades, and the impact and importance of training for advanced care providers in the field of neurosurgery. These papers are part of a larger discussion of advanced training, continuous education, and the impact that these things have on neurosurgery practices across the globe.

Dr. Origitano is the Physician Executive of the Neuroscience and Spine Service Line, Medical Director of the Neuroscience and Spine Institute, and Lead Surgeon of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Kalispell Regional Healthcare. In addition, he is an Affiliate Professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of Washington Medical School. Dr. Origitano is passionate about education and the persistent accrual of knowledge that guided his success over the course of his career. He understands that the development and transfer of knowledge is critical to the foundation upon which neurosurgery practice rests.

These most recent papers are part of a larger effort put forth by Dr. Origitano and the skilled, highly-trained team of providers at the Neuroscience and Spine Institute at Kalispell Regional Healthcare to encourage educational advancements in neuroscience. Publications, presentations, and hosting regional and national conferences are all part of a comprehensive approach to the continued commitment of providing the very best patient care available to Northwest Montana and the surrounding communities. Kalispell Regional Healthcare is proud to recognize exceptional specialists, like Dr. Origitano, that make the Flathead Valley a destination for the best in neuroscience and spine care.

For more information about the Neuroscience and Spine Institute, visit krh.org/neuroscience or check out the annual Synergies report.