21:10 PM

Donation for ASSIST van improves access to medical appointments

Earlier this year, Glacier Bank generously donated $25,000 to purchase a brand-new, 2021 Ford Transit Van with bariatric capable lift to help ASSIST continue to provide rides to medical appointments for people with limited to no transportation options. With Glacier Bank’s generosity and a $42,000 Cares ACT COVID relief fund, this new vehicle will help ASSIST provide needed rides to medical appointments for those who live outside the boundaries of Eagle Transit and have no other form of transportation. All ride requests must come from a medical provider.

ASSIST is a not-for-profit organization, under the umbrella of Kalispell Regional Healthcare, with dedicated staff and volunteers who connect people to the resources they need to regain their health and independence.

To learn more about resources offered by ASSIST, to become a volunteer or to make a donation, visit assistflathead.org. ASSIST Director Jane Emmert can be reached at [email protected] or (406) 758-1437.

Pictured left to right: MB Bertram, Tagen Vine, Kati Persinger, Dr. Tim Obermiller, Justin Sliter, Mike Smith, Dennis Beams, Everit Sliter, and Jane Emmert.