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Information and updates on COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Beginning on January 19, 2021, the Flathead City-County Health Department (FCCHD) will begin vaccinating Tier1B individuals.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be available on an appointment-only basis for individuals in Tier1A and Tier1B at the Flathead County Fairgrounds. The number of appointments available each week is dependent on vaccine allocation. Vaccine availability is very limited at this time, and FCCHD is unsure of how much vaccine will be shipped each week. As such, appointment scheduling will be done on a week-by-week basis, and vaccine will not be immediately available to all individuals who qualify. 

Individuals in Tier1A and Tier1B should call the COVID-19 Vaccine Line at 406-751-8119 or fill out the Vaccine Request Form to be put on the list to receive the vaccine. Please only leave one voicemail and fill out the form once. Individuals are asked to leave a voicemail with their name, date of birth, and phone number, and FCCHD will return calls to schedule appointments based on weekly vaccine allotment.

Please review the current recommended eligibility for vaccine distribution, to learn if you are eligible to receive the vaccine during this initial distribution phase. For more information about Montana's Vaccine Distribution Plan, visit Montana DPHHS.


Vaccine Delivery and Storage

  • KRMC was one of the first group of hospitals in Montana to receive a delivery of the COIVD-19 vaccine designated for health care workers.
  • KRH received 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine on December 15.
  • KRH continues to provide a safe environment in which to administer the vaccine, and resources for employees to learn more about the vaccine, but whether or not to vaccinate is an employee’s choice. Vaccination is voluntary.
  • KRH has multiple cold storage options, including an Ultra Cold freezer which can safely hold the Pfizer vaccine at -80 °C (-112 °F) until ready to be injected or up to 6 months. The Ultra Cold freezer has the capacity of holding more than 26,000 doses.

Vaccine Distribution

  • KRH began distribution of the vaccine to healthcare workers on Thursday, December 17.
  • Because of limited supply KRH is prioritizing distribution of the vaccine. First will include healthcare workers with repeated/high risk of COVID-19. The next phase will include healthcare workers with incidental risk of COVID-19. Next will include all non-patient facing hospital staff.
  • KRH is following the CDC recommendations for operationalizing COVID vaccine distribution.
  • Vaccines for non-healthcare workers and members of the community are expected to be available in a later distribution phase. Information about vaccine distribution locations and dates will be communicated to the community when that information is available.
  • While vaccination is one step toward fighting this pandemic, we encourage the community to continue their efforts to stop the surge by washing their hands, wearing a face covering and practice social distancing.

Quotes from First Vaccine Recipients

  • "I feel it’s very important that I get vaccinated because I really want to convey confidence in our community about vaccinations. I’m really looking forward to tackling the pandemic and getting this over with." - Deb Hoffman, MD - Rocky Mountain Heart & Lung
  • "I signed up to be one of the first ones to get the vaccine because I was excited and proud to be able to be one of the first in line. I just really felt compelled to try to be one of the first ones to do this because I’m so looking forward to being able to say this is an unprecedented time and I did what I could to protect myself and others to the best of my abilities." - Chelsea Dunshee, NP - Family Health Care
  • "I would say if you’re on the fence, reach out to your health care provider, a health professional or someone you trust within the medical field. They would be able to answer your questions with the best science-based literature that we have available to us. That would be the best resource to use." - Chelsea Dunshee, NP - Family Health Care


First Two Vaccines Interview


The choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate is up to each individual. Information about vaccines, as well as the risks and benefits of the Pfizer vaccine, are available online:

Information about the Pfizer vaccine:

Information about the Moderna Vaccine

Information from Centers for Disease Control Information

Information from the Montana DPHHS

For the Media:
For the privacy of our staff, KRH will not permit the media to film/photograph inside the vaccination area. However, KRH will upload photos, video and audio and other information.