16:24 PM

COVID-19 Update from Kalispell Regional Healthcare - March 20, 2020

Kalispell Regional Healthcare learned today that our county has two positive cases of COVID-19. More specifically, one of these positives was a health care worker who had traveled and came back to work at KRH. Once we became aware of this situation, we immediately tested two additional individuals and contacted the Flathead City-County Health Department who is now on site. KRH does not have the results of some of the other tests at this time. This situation caused some of the KRH family to be exposed to COVID-19 and, as such, we expect that there could be other positives.

“We believe this exposure to be limited and localized, however, we intend to use an abundance of caution. We are currently doing all the surveillance, interventions and containment strategies that we have been preparing for weeks,” says KRH Chief Medical Officer Doug Nelson, M.D. “No one wants to hear news of a new virus in their community, however, the community should be reassured that KRH has been working diligently for a long time to prepare for this.”

KRH will continue to provide updates as this situation evolves.