20:24 PM

COVID-19 Update from Kalispell Regional Healthcare - March 23, 2020

A few hours ago we were informed that an additional member of the KRH family tested positive for COVID-19. The employee had traveled out of Montana from March 12th through March 16th. Below is the detailed timeline:

1. Tuesday, March 17th, the employee returned to work and did not have symptoms.

2. Wednesday, March 18th, the employee was screened and had minor symptoms including a slight runny nose and occasional cough.

3. Thursday, March 19th, no change in symptoms and she worked a full shift.

4. Friday, March 20th, she was not scheduled to work and she had no change in her symptoms. (The KRH travel policy went in to effect.)

5. Saturday, March 21st, her symptoms had not worsened or changed. The friend she stayed with during her out-of-state travel contacted her and told her she had been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case and the friend she stayed with was having symptoms. She suggested the employee may need to be tested for COVID-19 and she was tested while at work.

6. Monday, March 23rd, a positive test was reported to KRH by the Flathead City-County Health Department.

The employee is recovering at home on a 14-day isolation.

The appropriate detailed surveillance, interventions, and containment strategies are under way and as before all the appropriate steps will be taken. As a reminder and as a part of our investigation, anyone who meets the surveillance criteria for contact with this employee will be notified, sent home for quarantine and tested should symptoms arise.

· It is important for you to know that all employees who were tested last week had negative results. Further, the individuals who remain in 14-day quarantine continue to have no symptoms.

· KRH has sent in over 150 tests and only 2 have come back positive. Beyond KRH, the Flathead Valley has 2 additional positives bringing the total to 4 COVID-19 cases in Flathead Valley.