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25 Year Employees

Congratulations and a special thank you to our 25 year employees:

  • Deb Davis, Wellness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor
  • Lovie Englishbee, Aquatic Exercise Instructor, Swim Instructor
  • Wendy Hansen, CPR Instructor
  • Amy Lavin, Group Fitness Instructor
  • Anita Lavin, Group Fitness Instructor
  • Christelle Parker, Aquatic Exercise Instructor
  • Kris Riley, Group Exercise Instructor
  • Brad Roy, Executive Director
  • Steve Stahl, On- Duty Supervisor
  • Cheryl Ward, Swim Instructor, Lifeguard

They’ve been here from the beginning serving our community and members; helping them reach their health and fitness goals and having fun along the way.

Please enjoy reading some of their fondest memories and stories of the Summit.

Brad Roy:

  • The tremendous speakers we have hosted over the years: Robert Sweatgall (walked across America 5 times and once around the perimeter); Greg LaMond, 5 time Tour of France winner; Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers coach; Marc Raciot, Montana Governor speaking to youth and parents on the importance of physical activity; Shaquille O’Neal (and his shoes!!); Bill Rodgers, 3-time winner of the Boston Marathon.
  • The plumber that was here to fix a water leak from the public restrooms. They were blocked off with signs not to use, but of course when he went downstairs to repair a pipe someone went in and flushed a toilet sending water all over him!
  • Being one of 63 sites for the federally funded HF-ACTION research study on heart failure patients, and the only non-university site in the study. This was because of our cardiopulmonary exercise testing capabilities and exceptional cardiac rehabilitation program. Over 2,000 patients nationally underwent multiple maximal exercise tests and training and we were co-authors on a peer reviewed article published in the American Heart Journal. This study led to cardiac rehab reimbursement for heart failure patients and to development of our Journey to Wellness Program for individuals with chronic health conditions.
  • Implementation of the Parisi Speed School for youth that later led to development of Competitive Edge which is now advancing to a comprehensive youth development program.
  • Teen Night when one of the participants stole a wallet from a locker, only the Chief of Police was one of the volunteers that night and he was caught. Chief Garner had his officers in uniform come and the young man was walked through the Summit in handcuffs, sending quite a message.
  • A 1998 or 1999 Teen Night during Red Ribbon Week that had over 450 teens in attendance. We had an awesome group of volunteer chaperones from Flathead Care, United Way and Daybreak Rotary that year.

Kris Riley:

  • I’ve been with Second Wind and the Summit for 31 years. Hard to believe. 
  • I remember my boys and me crawling on our hands and knees around the track, scraping up excess glue, trying to help get it ready to open. We were SO excited to have such a spectacular facility and couldn’t wait for the doors to open. Right before we opened there was a discussion about whether it should be a family facility or just adults. I’m so glad we went the way we did. Family is everything!

Lovie Englishbee:

  • My first memory of the Summit was when Don Arthur was building it. The foundation was in place and the hot tub had been poured. All the Second Wind staff were so excited with real anticipation. We all sat in the hot tub and Don took a large staff picture! His wife Carol took pictures of us teaching our classes and the building progress and posted them on a big bulletin board every month.
  • When the Summit started to be closed in, the pool area had lovely echoes. Jim Mitchel, a retired Sheriff who taught swimming, and I would bring our fiddles and play in it!
  • We didn’t have housekeeping staff and the swim instructors were paid to clean, wash and fold the towels in between classes. We enjoyed the extra pay and comradeship of all working together. So many memories throughout all the years I could fill a book.

Christelle Parker:

  • The dedication of my class participates over the years. Some have been in my classes for over 25 years and came over from the Second Wind. They inspire me every day and I’m so proud of all of them. Many continue to come even during these crazy times.

Chery Ward:

  • The Summit has been my second home for 25 years. It’s where I’ve met great people and new friends over the years. My fondest memory is passing along my love for swimming and teaching many generations how to swim.

Steve Stahl:

  • My favorite story about the Summit happened the first few days it was open. A family came in and brought soap out to the hot tub and literally starting bathing with soap and all.



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We offer a wide range of specialty programs from kids to seniors including adult fitness programs, performance programs for athletes, senior programs, weight management and special populations programs.   

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