Gastrostomy Tubes

KRMC Interventional Radiology
Gastrostomy tubes are pliable tubes placed directly into the stomach in order to deliver nutritional support to patients who are unable to take in adequate amounts of nutritional support by mouth. Other feeding tubes may be placed into the upper part of the small bowel.

How to Prepare
  • You may need to have blood drawn in advance of your procedure.
  • A nurse may call you the day before your procedure to review your medications and any last-minute instructions.
  • Do not eat anything for six hours before your procedure.
  • Bring someone to drive you home.
What to Expect
  • The procedure begins with an assessment and an IV start in the holding room before going to the interventional radiology lab.
  • You will receive medication to help you relax during the procedure.
After the Procedure
  • You will receive specific discharge instructions from the holding room staff and a dietitian. A family member or support person should be available to learn about the feeding tube.
Visit the MIC-KEY website to learn how to use your gastrostomy tube for feeding and administering medications.