KRMC Interventional Radiology
A biopsy is the process of taking a tissue sample, which is then sent to the pathology department for evaluation.

For biopsies that are not close to the skin surface, your physician may order your biopsy to be done with conscious sedation. These biopsies are scheduled using the holding room for preparation before the procedure and recovery afterward.

How to Prepare
  • You may need to have blood drawn in advance of your procedure. If you have more than one procedure, you may have blood drawn each time.
  • A nurse may call you the day before your procedure to review your medications and any last-minute instructions.
  • Bring someone to drive you home.
What to Expect
If the biopsy site is close to the surface of the skin:
  • You will receive a local anesthetic to numb the area before a radiologist or physician assistant takes a tissue sample.
If the biopsy is taken from an organ or another area inside the body:
  • The procedure usually begins with an assessment and an IV start in the holding room before going to the interventional radiology lab.
  • You may receive medication to help you relax during the procedure.
  • The interventional radiologist may may use ultrasound or CT guided imagery to access the biopsy site.
After the Procedure
  • The results of your biopsy will be sent to the physician who ordered the procedure and are usually available after three business days.
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