Glacier Bosom Buddies

Breast Health

Survivors helping new breast cancer individuals

Glacier Bosom Buddies is a group of mentors composed of breast cancer survivors and family members in Northwest Montana who provide a special perspective to patients and families just beginning and continuing through the breast cancer journey.

The mentors:

  • Offer a unique understanding to patients and families diagnosed with breast cancer in a compassionate and caring manner.
  • Provide an opportunity for breast cancer patients/caregivers to express feelings and talk about fears and concerns.
  • Provide insight on the breast cancer patient's perspective of cancer treatment and its effects on life and family.
  • Provide ideas for dealing with breast cancer treatment side effects such as hair loss and body image.
  • Offer hope, support and understanding through and beyond breast cancer treatment.
  • Offer resources for support and coping.

If you would like to visit with a mentor, contact Kim Grindrod by e-mail at or (406) 212-7331.