Breast Nurse Navigator

Breast Health

Imagine being informed that you have a suspicious lump in your breast, and you need a breast biopsy. You are scared because you immediately think of breast cancer; you don't know who to turn to for answers and support. Think how valuable it would be to have a knowledgeable contact that would be there for you and your family during the entire biopsy, diagnosis phase and treatment continuum, if necessary.

Kalispell Regional Healthcare is proud to offer a Breast Nurse Navigator to guide women on their journey while providing support and answering questions during a very difficult and unsure time. Her primary role and focus is on the patient, as well as family and support members. She is the central point of contact for each patient and all health care professionals who are involved in providing care, regardless of the setting.

The Breast Nurse Navigator meets with patients during the initial phases of screening and possible cancer diagnosis. She is knowledgeable in multiple treatment options, can identify ways to help with the financial impact that a cancer diagnosis brings and will assist in coping with the strong emotional needs that can occur during this difficult journey. She learns the physical, psychological and social needs of patients and their families, offering intervention and/or referrals as needed.

The goals of the Breast Nurse Navigator are:

  • to provide information and education, thereby reducing a portion of the stress involved
  • to improve patients' understanding of treatment plans
  • to empower patients to participate in their own personal care and treatment process
  • to ensure patients complete all treatments as prescribed

She is a teacher, a liaison, an advocate and a friend throughout the entire cancer journey or until her services are no longer needed.

The Breast Nurse Navigator also provides breast health/cancer education to the community at large as well as other health care professionals. She is actively involved in many community support groups such as:

  • Save a Sister
  • Women's Cancer Support Group
    (This group meets the second Tuesday of every month from 5 pm - 6:30 pm at Northwest Montana Radiation Oncology. For more information, call 752-1790.)

For more information about the Breast Nurse Navigator program, call 751-6488. To reach the Breast Nurse Navigator, Kim Grindrod, B.S.N., R.N., O.C.N., C.B.C.N., call 212-7331.