School-Based Mental Health

KRMC Behavioral Health
Kalispell Regional Behavioral Health, a licensed mental health center, provides school-based mental health services to qualifying youth at participating school sites through the Comprehensive School Community Treatment (CSCT) Program.

CSCT services offered at each participating school site include:
  • Individual therapy, up to five days per week
  • Daily group therapy, up to five days per week
  • Family therapy, regularly scheduled
  • Crisis response on-site, 24/7 crisis phone response
  • Psycho-education groups, up to five days per week
  • Daily mental health and behavioral health support


Kalispell Regional Behavioral Health provides a licensed therapist and a mental health worker at each school site to implement the CSCT program. Our therapists are licensed clinical social workers and licensed clinical professional counselors. Our mental health workers have degrees in mental health-related fields.

A full-time clinical supervisor oversees the program with support from the Behavioral Health administrator and the Behavioral Health medical director.


Students work with CSCT staff during the day in formal sessions and in the school environment as a whole (recess, class time, lunch and special events). Crisis response for CSCT students is available during the day on-site. A 24-hour crisis line is accessible after hours and on weekends and holidays.

CSCT staff provides care coordination with other agencies and community resources to assist the student and family with treatment. CSCT staff plays an active role in assisting children and adolescents with positive peer interactions in daily school activities.


Students are referred to the CSCT program by school staff, family members and other community agencies. Students are admitted after a clinical evaluation shows the student meets requirements for serious emotional disturbance.

A parent or guardian must sign a consent for treatment in the CSCT program. A parent or guardian also must sign a release of information to allow CSCT staff and the school to communicate.

Assessment and Intake

The CSCT therapist schedules an appointment to meet with the parent or guardian to obtain the student’s mental health history and determine the student’s clinical eligibility to receive CSCT services. Family involvement is critical to the student’s success in the CSCT program.

Treatment Team

CSCT staff set up a treatment team that includes the student, family, CSCT staff, and staff from the school and other involved agencies. A master treatment plan is developed to outline the team’s goals and objectives to be used with the student on a daily basis. Treatment plans are reviewed and updated at least every 90 days to reflect changes in the student’s functioning or to make changes in the treatment plan.

Treatment team members have daily contact with the student and contact the family as often as possible. Progress is documented daily by CSCT staff.


Through care coordination, CSCT staff act as advocates to help families obtain the necessary services and support. CSCT staff can make referrals for other community services or more intensive levels of care, provide access to psychiatric or physician evaluation, and act as liaison between the school and the family. We believe in quality of care and do our best to make that happen for each youth and family in our program.


Under the care of the treatment team, students show progress by meeting treatment goals and objectives successfully at school, at home and in the community. The treatment team may recommend the student be discharged from the program after a period of measured success.

Fee for Services

State of Montana CSCT rules require that all participants be charged for services. Insurance programs such as Montana Medicaid pay for CSCT services. CSCT staff can assist families applying for insurance programs. Sliding fees or private pay are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Program Locations

Kalispell Regional Behavioral Health offers CSCT services in the following school districts: Kalispell Public Schools, Columbia Falls Public Schools, Somers Lakeside Public Schools, Bigfork Public Schools and Whitefish Public Schools.


Comprehensive School Community Treatment Program
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