Specialty Items

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Kalispell Medical Equipment offers a number of specialty items to meet patient needs.

Seat Lift Chairs

Lift chair Join the millions of people who have made their personal “declaration of independence” by purchasing a lift chair at Kalispell Medical Equipment. We can help provide comfort to patients of all shapes and sizes. We have multiple brands, styles, colors and fabrics available in store or for special order. For more information you can call us at 406-752-6111 or stop by during our business hours.


Our staff is trained in the fitting of after-surgery products, including postsurgical garments, bras and breast prosthetics. Choose from a wide variety of styles, with new styles and colors available regularly.

Clinical Supplies

Doctors and nurses, as well as medical students, come to Kalispell Medical Equipment for stethoscopes in a variety of brands and price ranges. But we're not just for clinical staff; we have a variety of items for you to monitor your own health, such as blood pressure cuffs and oximeters.

Incontinence Supplies

We carry a variety of incontinence products, including catheters, disposable diapers, underpads, ostomy supplies, and washable bed and chair coverings.

Enteral Equipment and Supplies

If an illness leaves you unable to eat food orally, we offer a variety of enteral formulas, pumps, pump bags, gastrostomy tubes and extension tubing. Our dietitian is available to provide follow-up for your nutritional needs.

Breast Pumps

Breast pump We have Medela commercial-grade, dual-action breast pumps available for rent, and we carry all the necessary accessories. In addition, we are pleased to offer two types of breast pumps for sale. The first unit is Medela’s smallest and lightest single pump, the Swing. It is lightweight and portable, making it one of the easiest units on the market to use. The second model is the Pump in Style Advanced. This unit comes with all the necessary accessories including a shoulder bag. We also carry all Medela accessories, including Lactina breast pump kits, vehicle adapters, nursing bras and more. Contact us for pricing and availability.