After-Hours Care

We are here and ready to help you during school hours, but we know health concerns can come up when school is closed. We have partnered with Montana Pediatrics to ensure you have access to the care you need after-hours, like on nights and weekends.

Follow the steps below to access a Montana-based pediatrician we trust, right from home, who will make sure your child’s primary care provider is notified in the morning, too. 
  1. Visit from any device
  2. Click on the orange Sign up or Login button to create a new account or access an existing account
  3. Follow the simple instructions after signing in to quickly be connected to a Montana-based provider


How much does it cost?
Montana Pediatrics strives to take all insurance plans in the state of Montana. The cost you will pay out of pocket if you have insurance depends on your insurance plan — which will be billed the same amount you would pay for an uncomplicated office visit. Insurance will be billed first and then remaining out-of-pocket costs will be charged to the credit card on your Montana Pediatrics account. Families with Medicaid are not asked to enter a credit card and Montana Pediatrics will contact you later if there is a small out-of-pocket charge (usually $3.00). If you do not have private insurance or Medicaid, you can have a Montana Pediatrics visit for $75.00. If you cannot afford a standard visit, Montana Pediatrics has a robust Financial Assistance Policy for qualifying families that may reduce or eliminate your bill.

Who are the providers?
You can see a list of the Montana Pediatrics participating providers here

How will Montana Pediatrics communicate with my child’s primary care provider?
If your child’s primary care provider participates in Montana Pediatrics, they will receive an email alerting them to any visit you had, as well as any specific details that may be important for them to know right away. If your provider is not a part of the network, not to worry — Montana Pediatrics will reach out to them the day after your visit via fax or phone call to keep them in the loop.

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