Meet the Researchers


Karen Doolan, MBA, CCRC, Executive Director of Research
Mandy Bartlett, RN, BAN, CCRC Lead Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
Lucia Kufa, MS, CCRC, Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
Jaime Wyatt, BS, CCRC, Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
David Stufflebeam, MS, CRC, Clinical Research Coordinator
Joanne Smith, Research Regulatory Specialist


Elise Anderes, MD, Principal Investigator, Medical Oncology
Jonathan M. Brunson, MD, Principal Investigator, Cardiology
Roger J. Diegel, MD, Principal Investigator, Rheumatology
Eve Gillespie, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator, Cardiology
Melissa Kaptanian, MD, Principal Investigator, Breast Surgery, Oncology
Daniel Lustig, MD, Principal Investigator, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Timothy Obermiller, MD, Principal Investigator, Pulmonology
William Simpson, MD, Principal Investigator, Gastroenterology
Jose de Souza, MD, Principal Investigator, Endocrinology
Bethany Weiler-Lisowski, MD, Principal Investigator, Pulmonology
Rachel Brewer, ANP, Sub-Investigator, Rheumatology
Jeffrey Eshleman, MD, Sub-Investigator, Radiation Oncology
T. Ray Foley, MD, Sub-Investigator, Cardiology
Nathan Hall, MD, Sub-Investigator, Cardiology
Alexis Harrison, MD, MS, Sub-Investigator, Cardiology
Justin Linam, MD, Sub-Investigator, Radiation Oncology
Jose Ness, MD, Sub-Investigator, Medical Oncology
Ryan Roop, MD, Sub-Investigator, Medical Oncology
Rawa Sarji, DO, Sub-Investigator, Cardiology
Alison Schneider, MD, Sub-Investigator, Endocrinology
Austine Siomos, MD, Sub-Investigator, Pediatric Cardiology
Peter Wagner, MD, Sub-Investigator, Medical Oncology