Our highly trained health care professionals will provide complete instruction on the safe and effective use of the equipment, as well as ongoing support.
Oxygen concentrator
Oxygen concentrators separate oxygen from normal room air and deliver it to the patient in concentrated form. Built-in safety features inform patients should a malfunction occur. An easy-to-read instruction panel provides quick operational review. The lightweight, compact design provides maximum flexibility, and the attractive cabinets blend into any home environment.

Gaseous Cylinders
Aluminum oxygen cylinders in standard sizes are packaged to meet your requirements. You can order single units with or without a contents gauge on the valve.

These portable, durable and lightweight compressors direct air flow through a handheld nebulizer where medication is vaporized. They are available with a molded plastic carrying case with a handle, making it a necessity for active individuals who need aerosol treatments on demand.

Sleep Apnea

 Sleep apnea productsWe work closely with your physician and sleep center staff to provide adequate and appropriate treatment of your sleep apnea. We keep in touch to facilitate patient comfort and confidence, with our mutual goal of successful treatment of each patient's condition.

We regularly see patients in our office to help with problem-solving, provide mask adjustments, and offer new products that may achieve a higher level of comfort for the user. Our patient care is provided in a comfortable setting, with one-on-one personal care. We invite new and existing patients to contact us at any time.

Sleep Apnea Products include:
  • Travel machines
  • SoClean sanitizer
  • Nasal masks
  • Cushions
  • Tubing
  • Full face masks
  • Pillows
  • Filters
  • Water chambers
  • Headgear
  • Chin straps

Rehab Mobility

If you are looking for a wheelchair, scooter, ramps or stair lift, our professional staff can help you find the right assistive device to meet your needs.

Reliable and economical, wheelchairs feature many options, which adapt to the comfort and performance needs of each individual. You may choose from many arm styles, back heights and frame finishes. These wheelchairs are available with detachable arms, removable leg rests and come in variety of widths, plus they easily fold for convenience.

We have cushions and trays, as well as an extensive selection of replacement parts.

Electric-powered, three-wheel scooters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor transportation. They feature lightweight construction and durability with dynamic breaking systems for downhill maneuverability, and they are available in two-speed or variable-speed models. A variety of seating options are available to suit particular needs.

Ambulatory Aids

We will be happy to assist you in your selection of a walking aid. A wide variety of styles, manufacturers and accessories are available.
From our standard crook to our variety packs, Kalispell Medical Equipment offers a stylish and unique line of canes. With a wide assortment of hand grip styles, you can fit virtually any need with ease.

Our crutches are easy to adjust and provide comfortable support. All are available in a full range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Our contemporary walkers feature wide, deep frames and a large number of height adjustments with composite lower side braces that add stability. Our walkers are light and easy to lift and maneuver, with anti-rattle silencers for quiet operation. PVC hand grips are included to provide comfort and long-lasting wear.

Bathroom Safety Equipment

We carry a full line of bathroom safety equipment that includes transfer benches, bath benches, tubs, shower heads, commodes, toilet seat risers and bath mats. Our products include those designed by the industry's best manufacturers including Moen, Medline and PCP. Our goal is to provide a wide range of styles along with competitive pricing.
Transfer Benches
Sit on the bench outside the tub and slide over into the tub; the textured surface provides safe transfer. The lightweight aluminum frame features push-button height adjustment. Benches are available with standard seat or commode seat and feature rust-resistant aluminum legs with rubber tips to prevent slippage.

Shower Chairs and Bath Benches
Sturdy, lightweight and adjustable, these chairs provide the best position for showering or bathing. Reinforced legs offer greater strength and stability. Chairs are rustproof and waterproof with non-scratching rubber feet to reduce slippage. Available in a variety of designs in contoured molded plastic or vinyl cushioned. They are available with or without backs.

Elevated Toilet Seats
Elevated toilet seats provide assistance to those who need help sitting down or getting up from the toilet. Constructed of easy-t-clean, lightweight plastic, the seat is shaped to fit all standard toilets. A locking mechanism holds the unit securely in place.

Grab Bars
Available in a variety of lengths and angles, bars can be designed in various combinations to satisfy individual requirements during bath or shower. Choose from white vinyl or polished chrome. They provide added security in and around the bathroom.

Safety Rails
Available in chrome-plated steel rails or white texture-coated, safety rails easily clamp on any size tub for proper grasp when entering or exiting tub. The secure fit won't mar tub surfaces.

Walk-In Baths and Showers Walk in Tub
Walk in TubBest Bath Systems is a leading innovator of safe, durable, and beautiful walk-in showers and jetted tubs for people of all abilities. We offer a complete line of shower models that feature accessible low and barrier-free thresholds, along with replacement tub/shower units. Our multipiece showers are ideal for any remodeling or new construction project for homes or commercial facilities. Best Bath Systems' line of innovative walk-in tubs are designed for safe, soothing and accessible bathing. Twice the depth of normal tubs, they have a comfortable contoured seat, a grab bar and a nonskid floor. Therapeutic jetted tubs are available, along with optional tub surround to fit seamlessly into your current bathroom surround area. You can choose from countless combinations of colors and finishes for your shower walls, accented with beautiful tile or stone inlays to match your decor and unique tastes. Create custom tile patterns, install a river rock shower floor and much more. The possibilities are endless!

Tub Lifts
Battery-operated remote-controlled lifts make bathing much easier and safer. They will raise and lower you into the tub. In addition, lifts make transferring in and out of the tub much safer. Tub lifts also are portable and are easy to take with you when traveling by vehicle.

Bedroom Safety Equipment

Our staff of competent customer service representatives is ready to advise and assist you with your selection. Our available products include hospital beds, patient lifts, bed trays, cushions and specialty products.
Hospital bed
Manual and Electronic Beds
Made of the same durable steel construction as manual beds, the electric bed features easy-to-operate controls that raise or lower head and knee sections and also adjust the height of the mattress. They are ideal if a patient is unattended for periods of time and requires frequent position changes. An emergency crank is furnished in case of power failure.

Patient Lifts
Too often, manual patient transfers lead to caregiver back injuries. The hydraulic lift was created to make transport situations safe and affordable for everyone involved. And with its slim design, the hydraulic lift is versatile enough to use for any and all patient moves. Motorized lifts are also available.

We offer a variety of orthopedic pillows and cushions for pressure relief and sore prevention for the immobile patient. An alternating pressure pad pumps pressure into chambers in a heavy-duty vinyl pad, making frequent turning of patient unnecessary.

Bed Trays
Convenient and multifunctional, these tables are height-adjustable and durable. Fingertip control raises or lowers table height for comfort. The base is equipped with casters for easy rolling.

Bedside Commodes
When getting to the bathroom is not possible, our bedside commode can save the day. Durable armrests afford user comfort and security. They can be adjusted to a variety of heights and seat angles. Nonmarring rubber tips on the legs help provide secure seating. Surfaces are easy to clean, and many models also can be used as a toilet safety frame.

Specialty Items

Seat Lift ChairsLift chair
Join the millions of people who have made their personal “declaration of independence” by purchasing a lift chair. We can help provide comfort to patients of all shapes and sizes. We have multiple brands, styles, colors and fabrics available in store or for special order. For more information you can call us at 406-752-6111 or stop by during our business hours.

Our staff is trained in the fitting of after-surgery products, including postsurgical garments, bras and breast prosthetics. Choose from a wide variety of styles, with new styles and colors available regularly.

Clinical Supplies
Doctors and nurses, as well as medical students, come to Kalispell Medical Equipment for stethoscopes in a variety of brands and price ranges. But we're not just for clinical staff; we have a variety of items for you to monitor your own health, such as blood pressure cuffs and oximeters.

Incontinence Supplies
We carry a variety of incontinence products, including catheters, disposable diapers, underpads, ostomy supplies, and washable bed and chair coverings.

Enteral Equipment and Supplies
If an illness leaves you unable to eat food orally, we offer a variety of enteral formulas, pumps, pump bags, gastrostomy tubes and extension tubing. Our dietitian is available to provide follow-up for your nutritional needs.
Breast pump
Breast Pumps
We have Medela commercial-grade, dual-action breast pumps available for rent, and we carry all the necessary accessories. In addition, we are pleased to offer two types of breast pumps for sale. The first unit is Medela’s smallest and lightest single pump, the Swing. It is lightweight and portable, making it one of the easiest units on the market to use. The second model is the Pump in Style Advanced. This unit comes with all the necessary accessories including a shoulder bag. We also carry all Medela accessories, including Lactina breast pump kits, vehicle adapters, nursing bras and more. Contact us for pricing and availability.