MD Direct

Personalized Care for You

At Logan Health, our vision is to be the center for health and healing for our communities, where access to high quality, outstanding care helps achieve healthier and more fulfilling lives. We represent a full range of health care services designed to meet the needs of community residents, seasonal visitors, and individuals outside our service area who are in need of high-level, affordable care. From preventive medicine, wellness, and routine procedures to ongoing treatment and complex surgeries, Logan Health has the expertise and the facilities to improve health and quality of life by delivering exceptional, compassionate care with an outstanding experience for all.

Logan Health MD Direct is an exclusive, personalized health management program providing direct 24/7 phone access to internal medicine physicians for health questions, coordination of medical visits and follow up care.

MD Direct Services

  • 24/7 direct access to physician by phone (within 30 minutes but usually immediate) 
  • Telemedicine visits as determined necessary by physician 
  • In office visits as determined necessary by physician 
  • Coordination of care by Logan Health MD Direct team 
  • Home Monitoring Kit to include blood pressure, cardiac rhythm, temperature and oxygen saturation monitors
  • Genetic testing that provides insight into how certain genetic conditions may affect you or your family
  • Annual Executive Physical, including:
    • Complete laboratory testing
    • EKG
    • Cardiopulmonary stress test (for those without history of heart disease or cardiac symptoms)
    • Body composition testing (lean mass vs. fat mass)
    • Chest x-ray
    • Complete abdominal ultrasound
    • Pap smear (as indicated by current guidelines)
    • Review of medical, social and family histories
    • Complete physical examination
    • Screening for cognitive dysfunction, depression, and anxiety