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Preparing for Your Procedure

To help ensure that patients are comfortable and relaxed during their endoscopic procedures, our GI specialists order two different types of sedation described below. Half of our patients receive general anesthesia and half receive conscious/moderate sedation.

Conscious/Moderate Sedation
A complimentary combination of pain and sedating medications are administered along with IV fluids, and patients remain breathing on their own. Patients typically fall into a “twilight” sleep, but remain arousable and able to hear and comply with commands. Most patients do not remember their procedures. This sedation can be used in the outpatient endoscopy center or the hospital.

General Anesthesia/Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC)
This type of deep sedation is administered by a anesthesiology provider (anesthesiologist) in a qualified facility such as a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. The patient is completely out and unable to move without assistance. Your doctor may want you to have general anesthesia with the support of an anesthesiologist because of respiratory, heart or other significant health concerns. A separate fee is charged by the anesthesiologist for these service

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