Childbirth & Parenting Classes

We believe that new parents should be prepared with as much information as possible to assist them in their journey through pregnancy and parenting.

We also recognize that busy schedules and budgets can present challenges, so we’ve structured our class offerings for your convenience – and they’re FREE! Let us help you on your journey by choosing from the à la carte menu of classes and topics below that meet your interests and lifestyle.

Our Classes

Support Through All Stages of Labor
We will discuss the three stages of labor, especially the three phases of stage 1 – early, active and transition – along with support that can be offered during each stage. Come in comfortable clothes ready to try different positions for labor. Techniques for relaxation and pain management also will be discussed. Bring a notepad to jot down memorable notes, pillow if desired and your favorite labor support coach.

Expect the Unexpected
This class discusses the unexpected delivery, including assisted, cesarean section, precipitous, delayed and emergency deliveries. This class also provides ideas and information for parents to prepare siblings for the new baby. An anesthesiologist guest speaker will present information and answer questions.

Tour Night
This class covers when to come to the birthing center, what to bring, where to go and who to call for showtime! There is a guided tour of the OB department, including labor/birthing rooms, beds, equipment, the OR, nutrition, family rooms, NICU and the recovery/postpartum areas. Time for open discussion, questions and the opportunity to develop your individual birth plan will be provided.

Sibling Night
This class is an evening designed for siblings ages 2-7 with several activities available for the entire family to work together in preparing to welcome the new baby. A brief tour and a snack will also be provided. Older children are welcome but the activities are directed toward younger children.

Welcome Baby! We Did It!
This class discusses the fourth stage of labor: recovery/postpartum and the homecoming. It includes mother and baby care basics, items needed, home and environmental safety, family planning, adjusting to your new life, baby blues and postpartum depression. A pediatric guest speaker will present information and answer questions.

Grandparent Class
This class is for first-time grandparents and is focused on helping them to be the best they can be.

Childbirth Education, Brief Edition
This class is a condensed version of several of our classes. We’ll review the basics to prepare you and your coach for your birth experience as well as briefly review relaxation techniques and breathing patterns. This class is geared toward those who have already taken classes and would like a review or for first-time parents who are crunched for time. For detailed information, please consider the individual classes on topics of your specific interest. Movies viewed in this class may be a duplication of those viewed in other classes.

Infant Safety and CPR
This class focuses on the safety of your newborn. Potential home hazards and sudden infant death syndrome will be discussed, in addition to an opportunity to learn and practice CPR techniques that could potentially save a life.

Breastfeeding Support Group
Meet other new moms and lend support. Bring your baby for weight checks. The first meeting of every month we have a designated speaker.

Breastfeeding Successfully
Taught by an RN lactation specialist, this class helps soon-to-be parents learn the basics of breastfeeding, ways to work with other family members to encourage and support breastfeeding, pumping information and returning to work. You can register at any time during your pregnancy for this class.

Infant Massage
Taught by a physical therapist and certified infant massage instructor, this class teaches new parents, grandparents and caregivers how to introduce intentional, loving touch to your new baby. Infant massage promotes bonding and teaches parents how to read your infant’s cues of social engagement, and it’s FUN! Adaptable to babies with special needs and for expecting adoptive families, too.

What to Know

Note: Please bring a baby blanket and a soft doll and wear loose, comfortable clothes. This class is appropriate to take anytime during pregnancy.

Email Quincy Bennetts at to schedule a one-on-one or small group class.