Billing & Payments

Marcia Heydon, Manager: (406) 434-3205

At Logan Health Shelby we understand that the healthcare bills you receive may be confusing. Below is information, including phone numbers for questions on the types of bills you may receive depending upon the service that was provided.

Logan Health Shelby has the philosophy of working for you in times of health care needs and with you when payment is due. Medical bills are not usually expected and come during times of sudden illness. It is important to communicate early with the hospital to ensure receipt of insurance information and payment arrangement options. We offer to help with insurance, payment arrangements, and credit card payments. These are easily arranged through the business office at (406) 434-3245 or email us here.

Other questions
  • For questions concerning hospital collection procedures, contact (406) 434-3245.
  • For questions concerning insurance payments pending, please contact (406) 434-3245.
  • For questions concerning pricing information, please contact (406) 434-3279.

Pricing Transparency
We are available to help you with your questions and concerns on any costs associated to your health care. Staff is available at 406-434-3279 to answer any questions.

You can download the complete price list for services. This is a current listing as of the time of posting, however, charges are subject to change.

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