Logan Health Shelby

Our Shelby location includes Logan Health Shelby (formerly Marias Medical Center)—a critical access hospital—as well as our Logan Health Assisted Living (formerly the Heritage Center) and our Logan Health Care Center - Shelby (formerly Marias Care Center). We proudly serve Toole County and surrounding communities with access to high quality healthcare. High-quality patient and resident care is our top priority.  We are able to achieve our high level of standard care through the dedication of our highly-skilled employees and hands-on department managers.  

Logan Health Shelby is a critical access hospital with acute care services and an ICU. The facility has an emergency room, birthing room and operating room, all equipped with the advanced technology. The ER has a physician on call 24 hours a day as well as anesthesia services. Visiting physicians provide surgical, gastrointestinal, orthopedic, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, pulmonology, and dental services. Our caring staff provides comfort and care with their expertise and years of experience.

Our History
On September 25, 1944, CC Jean P. Gerlough met with the Lions Club and “…presented plans for a new facility…” which was built and is now the location of the Heritage Center at 111 2nd Street South. Construction began in 1948 and was completed on April 1, 1951 with over 1,000 people attending the Dedication Ceremonies. In 1958, a 32 bed nursing home addition was added. This facility served as a hospital and nursing home for many years until it was abandoned in 1980 after ten years of planning for a new facility. More than twenty years passed before the old facility was remodeled to accommodate retirement living in 1998. The new facility was completed in 1980 and is now located at 640 Park Avenue.

Logan Health Shelby admits over 380 residents for hospital stays per year, has over 1,700 emergency room visits. The Care Center has 35 residents and the Assisted Living houses over 30 retired-living people per day.

Our Hospital Services

  • Acute Care Facility
    • Inpatient Stays
    • Observation Visits
    • General Surgery
    • Swing Bed / Rehabilitation Stays
    • Emergency Room
    • Trauma Receiving Facility 
    • Birthing Room/LDRP
    • Operating Room 
  • Infusion Room
    • Outpatient infusion/injections
  • Visiting physicians providing the following:
    • Surgical
    • Cardiovascular
    • Ophthalmology
    • Pulmonologist
    • General Surgery
    • Sleep Medicine
    • Dental services
    • OB/GYN
  • Radiology
    • Routine Diagnostic Imagining, X-Ray
    • Cat Scans
    • Ultrasounds
    • Mammography/Breast Health Imaging
    • MRI
    • Dexa
    • Fluoroscopy
    • Nuclear Medicine
  • Rehabilitation (Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy)
    • Inpatient Hospital Care
    • Outpatient Rehabilitation
    • Care Center Therapy Service
    • Sports Injuries
    • Back & Neck pain
    • Orthopedic rehabilitation
    • Motor vehicle accident recovery
    • Stroke & neurological rehabilitation
    • Sprains/strains
    • Prework Screens
    • Fractures
    • Massage Therapy
    • Work Comp/Work Injuries
    • Wheelchair seating and positioning
    • Splinting
    • Treatment of speech: delay, fluency, sound production
    • Evaluation of swallow
  • Respiratory Therapy
    • 24/7 inpatient coverage
      • Inpatient interventions
      • Obtaining & Analyzing Blood gas samples
      • Mechanical ventilation
      • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
      • C-Section coverage
      • Therapeutic percussion and vibration
    • Outpatient services
      • Cardiac and Pulmonary rehabilitation
      • Echocardiography
      • Cardiac stress testing
      • Pulmonary function testing
      • Oximetry
      • Padnet
      • Holter monitoring
      • EKG’s
      • Sleep Studies (Sleep lab and home studies)
      • Patient education
  • Laboratory
    • Annual screenings
    • Inpatient and Outpatient services
    • Therapeutic Phlebotomies
  • Social Services
  • Assisted Living Facility

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