Rehabilitation & Support

The Mission of Brendan House Rehabilitation Services is to improve quality of life by maximizing independence one step at a time. Our Vision is to provide patient-centered care and evidence-based service with dignity, compassion, and kindness, to promote optimal recovery.

Brendan House Rehabilitation Services Values
  • Respectful: We will maintain our resident's dignity and cultural values while helping to achieve patient directed goals.
  • Ethical: We will treat our patients as an individual person rather than a diagnosis, providing care based on their needs.
  • Health: Our rehabilitation team will provide a holistic approach to treat current diagnosis and aid in prevention of future health problems.
  • Advocate: We will be a champion for our patients to return their maximum independence in the least restrictive environment possible.
  • Benevolence: We will provide sincerity, kindness, and therapy with a smile.

Rehab is a Team Approach

Our rehabilitation team consists of Social Services, Nutritionists, Nursing Services (RN, LPN, and CNA), Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Physicians with a variety of specialties.

The team works together with patients and families to create goals and enact a treatment plan emphasizing the return to maximum independence. Our professional therapists provide both individualized and group treatment programs utilizing their skilled knowledge base and a rehabilitation team approach.

Therapy is provided at bedside, in a fully equipped therapy gym, in their living area, and in a beautiful courtyard (seasonal). Our therapy team utilizes creative treatment sessions which often include music, the Nintendo Wii (through wii sports and wii fit plus) or the NuStep, a seated stair-stepper, to keep patients engaged and actively participating in their recovery. Treatment schedules are flexible and family members are encouraged to observe and participate - even pets!

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy provides interventions for regaining overall functional mobility. Our physical therapists will address physical limitations present after an accident or illness, which includes but is not limited to gait training (functional ambulation), transfer training (moving from surface to surface), balance activities, neurological reeducation, vestibular retraining, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and energy conservation, strengthening, joint mobility and range of motion, and weight bearing activities to help build stronger bones, and finally patient/family/caregiver education to ensure a smooth, safe transition home.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy provides interventions to restore overall safety and independence in everyday living activities. Our occupational therapists will address limitations in your daily functioning that have developed after an accident or illness, which includes restoring safe independence with self care, activities of daily living retraining, neurologic re-education, visual/spatial therapy, sensory integration treatment, home safety assessments and adaptations, upper extremity joint mobility and range of motion as well as gross motor and fine motor coordination, functional problem solving with daily self care tasks and patient and family education to improve quality of life.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy provides intervention for overall communication, which is an important aspect of life. Our Speech Pathologist will address communication problems as a result of accident or illness, which includes the areas of speaking, listening, thinking, reading/writing, solving problems, and organizing and sequencing your thoughts. Our Speech Pathologist is also trained to evaluate and develop treatment plans in the area of cognitive retraining for persons having difficulty with attention, orientation, memory, problem solving, sequencing, as well as, money and time management. If you are having difficulties swallowing, our Speech Pathologist is a certified VitalStim provider, which is a non-invasive therapy that uses an electrical current to stimulate the muscles responsible for swallowing. A comprehensive swallow evaluation will be conducted, which may also include a Modified Barium Swallow Study, completed locally within our own organization. The swallow management program will be customized to improve your overall eating skill and enjoyment.