Logan Health Specialty Care - Whitefish

Logan Health Specialty Care - Whitefish, a department of Logan Health Medical Center, was founded by Dr. David Sobba in downtown Whitefish in 1999. The practice was formerly known as Peak Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, which Dr. Sobba moved to the Glacier Peak Medical office building in 2000.

The underlying ethic here always has been a commitment to caring for the whole family surrounding the patient and caring for the whole person. It could be called the Patch Adams philosophy. It reflects the values held by the beloved American physician and sometimes-clown who championed his belief that the health of an individual cannot be separated from the health of the family, the community and the world.

This bedrock foundation of caring for all the patient's needs began with Dr. Sobba. Today it continues at this outreach clinic as a shared ethic among all the physicians who practice at Logan Health Specialty Care - Whitefish. You can reach us by calling (406) 863-9340.

Patient Information

Logan Health Specialty Care - Whitefish is an outreach clinic providing medical space for a variety of specialists. Together they share six patient examination rooms and four office spaces on a rotating schedule.

The medical office suite is on the second floor of Glacier Peak Medical on Baker Avenue, located directly above general practitioners' offices. They frequently refer their patients upstairs to Logan Health Specialty Care - Whitefish for further evaluation. In addition to the X-ray facilities available here, physicians schedule pacer checks for heart defibrillators once a month in the clinic. 

All this combines for the best in time-saving convenience, comfort and quality care for patients. And with ample parking in our lot, there is no need for a long walk to your car.

Prescription Refills
We request that you contact your pharmacy directly when you need to refill a prescription.

Emergency Situations
If you require emergency medical attention, please contact your primary care physician or visit the nearest emergency room.

Patient Information
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