Meadowlark Initiative

What is the Meadowlark Initiative?

The Meadowlark Initiative brings together medical care, counseling, care coordination and community services to help you get the right care at the right time, stay healthy and plan a path to recovery that works for you if you have concerns about depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use, or other common stressors with the intention to help reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, and lastly, keep your family healthy, happy and together.

You and your family receive individualized pregnancy care from an experienced, supportive clinical team. This team includes prenatal care providers (obstetricians, midwives and perinatologists), a behavioral health provider and a care coordinator. The behavioral health provider assesses referred patients and provides brief counseling intervention, outpatient therapy and referrals to other community-based counselors.
The care coordinator helps identify social factors that impede prenatal care and provide resources to meet those needs. This may include referrals to housing support, food stability agencies, substance use treatment, public health, home visiting programs, child care, medical coverage and employment agencies.

Contact Us

For more information about this initiative, contact Kalli Jacquay.
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