Refer a Patient

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We strive to be partners in the care and health of our community. Please call the designated numbers below for the service in which you wish to refer a patient or to obtain information on our clinical specialists.

When contacting us to refer your patients, please have the following information readily available:
  • Patient health history and background information
  • Purpose for visit/referral
  • Patient insurance information, if available

Transfer a Patient

The Transfer Center is staffed 24/7 with a registered nurse who will assume responsibility to coordinate transfers into and out of the hospital while continuing to make bed assignments and other duties.

Call our registered nurse 24/7 at (844) 378-8701 or (406) 751-8999.

Cancer Care

Medical Oncology
(406) 752-8900 (ask for patient coordinator)

Radiation Oncology
(406) 752-1790

Cardiovascular Care

Cardiology & Pulmonology
(406) 257-8992

Sleep Medicine
(406) 257-8992

Endocrinology & Infectious Disease

Endocrinology & Infectious Disease
Northwest Specialists
(406) 751-5386

Greater Flathead Renal
(406) 752-8789