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Welcome to the Logan Health Student Affiliations website! Logan Health seeks to contribute to the education of students by maintaining a Student Affiliation Department committed to providing quality hands-on learning and training experiences. This websites provides resources for students and instructors.
Have questions after reviewing our website? Please call us at 406-752-1775.


Logan Health uses the myClincalExchange web based platform for all undergrad and graduate level programs. This platform is for compliance and scheduling clinical experiences. To visit myClincalExchange – please go to:

Undergraduate Students - All students and instructors must use this platform beginning July 18, 2022 for a rotation starting on or after August 15, 2022.

Graduate StudentsAll students and instructors must use this platform beginning July 18th for a rotation starting on or after August 16, 2022.

**If you are a graduate level student and your rotation begins prior to August 16, 2022, please follow the link: Medical/Graduate Level Students


Undergraduate students from following programs, contact your program administrator for information on scheduling rotations.
Montana State University – Kalispell Campus
Flathead Valley Community College – Programs include: Radiology, Nursing, Paramedicine, Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Phlebotomy
Salish Kootenai College – Nursing and Medical Assistant
University of Montana Missoula College – Surgical Technician  
Blackfeet Community College – Nursing

All other schools/programs not listed above, please contact the Student Affiliations Office for further instructions.  406-752-1775


1. Visit:
2. Click on "students" on the top right banner.
3. Select - "Registration"
4. Select - "Create New Account"
5. Select - "New Request"
6. Complete the required form and submit. 
7. All communication regarding your request will come through your myClinicalExchange portal.


Proof of the following is required to upload to myClinicalExchange: 

MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
*Proof of 1 or 2 required.
  1. 2 official records receiving vaccinations
  2. Positive titer results for each measles, mumps and rubella proving immunity
Varicella (chickenpox)
*Proof of 1 or 2 or 3 required.
  1. Record of 2 vaccinations
  2. Positive titer results proving immunity
  3. Individuals can provide documentation for proof of  having the chickenpox from their Healthcare Provider
Hepatitis B
*Proof of 1 or 2 required.
  1. Titer with reactive or positive results
  2. Titer can be declined but individual must sign a declination. Please click here for the Declination Form
Tetanus w/ Pertussis (Tdap) 
**Please note: this must be the Adult Tdap vaccination not the DTaP (childhood version of the vaccination) and not Td (tetanus diphtheria).
TB (PPD-tuberculosis): Must be completed annually.
*Proof of 1 or 2 or 3 required.
  1. Record of two negative TB skin tests (two-step) in the last 12 months. If you are providing the two-step documentation the second test must be initiated between 7-21 days after the first negative test was read.
  2. Negative Quantiferon or T-SPOT TB blood test in the last 12 months.
  3. If you are a positive responder, please contact us for the requirement documentation
  • After initial TB requirement has been completed and approved, an annual questionnaire can be completed. The questionnaire must be completed and returned for the current year prior to the TB test or questionnaire approval date from the prior year. i.e. if TB test was done on 2/15/2011 the questionnaire must be completed and returned with the original TB test before 2/15/2012.
*Proof of 1 or 2 required
  1. Vaccination Card
    1. Moderna & Pfizer – 2 Vaccine Doses
    2. Johnson & Johnson – 1 Vaccine dose
  2. Logan Health Medical/Religious Exemption
    1. Students interested in filing an exemption from the COVID-19 Vaccine must complete a Logan Health exemption form and submit for processing. Submission of an exemption form does not guarantee an approval.
    2. Once Exemption is approved, approval is effective for the remainder of the students clinical rotations at Logan Health. You do NOT need to resubmit here for each rotation for approval.
    3. You will need to save your approved exemption form to upload into myClinicalExchange for compliance. 
Submit exemption forms here for processing! 
  1. Religious Exemption Form
  2. Medical Exemption Form
IF students and faculty are NOT VACCINATED and have an APPROVED EXEMPTION:
  • Students and Faculty will need to be clean shaven as facial hair impedes the proper fit of an N95.
  • Students and faculty will wear an approved N95 mask at ALL times with the exception of:
    • When alone in a room.
    • When eating and drinking.
      • This must ONLY occur when there is at least 6 feet of separation from any other person or when separated from others by physical barrier. 
  • This includes ALL classroom spaces and other non-clinical spaces on the Logan Health Campus.
  • If a student or faculty is a Logan Health Employee, they will be required to wear a N95 mask in their faculty or student role regardless of their employee status. 
Unvaccinated students or faculty who are found in violation of this requirement:
  1. Will be asked to immediately leave the Logan Health campus.
  2. Will not be able to return to any Logan Health campus until a negative COVID test result is provided to the Student Affiliations Department.
    • COVID Testing will be at the student or school’s expense. Logan Health will not be responsible for student or faculty COVID testing due to noncompliance.
A second violation of the unvaccinated student or faculty COVID-19 masking mandate will result in the permanent removal of the student or faculty from the Logan Health campus without the possibility of returning for clinical learning experiences.