Point of Care (POC) Training

POC Training Information

Point of Care (POC) training needs to be completed by students and instructors annually. The training is typically one hour to one hour and 15 minutes. We can accommodate up to eight individuals plus an instructor for each training session.

Please schedule your training day with the POC contact at least one month in advance. To request a training date, please fill out the form below.

Instructors need to fill out the Instructor Personal Information Form prior to each semester or quarter to ensure that students have the correct POC access. This form should be filled out only once and can be found on the Paperwork, Documentation and Requirement Information for Instructors page. If you and your students are up-to-date for your POC training, you will select the option on the form that states you do not need training for this quarter/semester.

POC Policies

Please review and have your students review the following policies prior to the scheduled training date. Point of Care Capillary Puncture Finger Sticks
"Critically Ill" As Defined For Point of Care Glucometer Testing
Glucose Blood Precision XceedPro Instrument
Hemoccult Blood Fecal-SENSA
pH Gastric Fluid

POC Training Contact

Dawn Cummings
Point of Care Supervisor
(406) 752-1787

Stephen Jensen
(406) 752-1787