Instructor Requirements for Each Quarter/Semester

1. Review the following documents that include the requirements for doing an educational rotation here at Logan Health.
  1a. Review Logan Health Student/Resident/Trainee/Instructor Checklist/Orientation Manual updated 9/8/2021
1b. Review Logan Health Code of Conduct
1c. Review EDU800 Policy
1d. Review HR530 Dress Code Policy
1e. Review GNNC780 Nursing Student Clinical Rotation Policy
1f.Review Parking Map
1g. COVID-19 Student/Instructor Requirements
2. You must fill out the following documents each quarter or semester 
     2a. COVID-19 Attestation
     2b. Instructor Personal Information Form

3. Fill out the following documents and return them to your school contact or your Student Coordinator at least 30 days prior to starting the quarter or semester. If you have already done this previously, you will not need to complete these steps again.
     3a. Background Check Release Form
     3b. Computer Access Request Form
     3c. Instructor Access Agreement