Operating Room Rotation Information

Orientation is required for any students and instructors who will have students in the Logan Health and Logan Health North OR. This is an important time to talk about expectations for both the student and the instructor. Please contact Joel Baller at Logan Health and Susan LeBlanc at Logan Health North for orientation scheduling and coordination.

Joel Baller
Logan Health Surgical Services
(406) 751-6559
Operating Room Manager
Logan Health OR North

Micaleen Holzwarth, RN, BSN, MHA
Logan Health Inpatient Director, Surgical Services

We have some basic expectations:

  • The instructor needs to walk the student to the OR front desk and connect them with the OR charge nurse. The charge nurse then will take the student to get dressed and connected with the correct staff member. If for some reason the instructor is unavailable to walk the student to the OR, the student should know to introduce themselves to the charge nurse to be assigned to an OR room.
  • Nursing students must also have their Student Passport with their skills list when completing any clinical rotations at Logan Health.
  • The charge will put the student's name, title, etc. in the correct slot on the board. The OR charge nurse is the only person who will know the best combination of procedure, doctor and staff for the student’s learning experience.
  • The instructor should contact the charge nurse the night before to obtain the student’s assignment.
  • Make sure the student introduces themselves to all of the staff in the OR room.
  • Make sure the student introduces themselves to the surgeon, always, no matter their role.
  • A list of which student is scheduled for which day should be provided to the OR in advance by the school or instructor.
  • A student who is placed in a different department on any given day cannot follow a patient to the OR. They must be placed in the OR in advance to participate.
  • Students are not allowed to be in an operating room with a relative or acquaintance due to a conflict of interest during the learning phase.
  • Logan Health OR North Special note:
    After the initial student orientation for Logan Health OR North, students can independently access the Logan Health OR North staff locker room and pre-op/OR area.  Students are observing all specialties.  Instructors need to be present when there’s a special request for inserting IV’s etc, so we can coordinate that opportunity.
  • Logan Health OR Special note:
    Preferably, the instructors should contact the OR the night prior to the rotation to figure out the student’s assignment. The student needs to be prepared for the procedure they are observing. When the instructor contacts the OR the night before, they can let the OR know whether or not an instructor will be present with the student in the morning.