Patient Reviews

What our patients are saying about their Logan Health experience

“We felt so welcomed from when we opened the door at admissions. All the people we met were very helpful. Your hospital is beautiful. Loved all your pictures. I live in Hawaii and I have only visited our hospital for an ER, short stay x2. We have Hawaiian aloha, but your care and warmth exceeded ours! Thanks.”

"Everyone at nuclear imaging was really friendly and professional. They carefully explained everything to me and were respectful. I could tell they liked their job."

“Thank you for providing such excellent care! The doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists were all wonderful. I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful hospital with terrific people and a level of care like no other! I cannot express my gratitude. You took such great care of my son!”

"I am very pleased with the healthcare provided by Urology Associates, now affiliated with Logan Health. I am now going through a post cancer surgery therapy that is designed to assist in regaining bladder control. The assistant nurse, whose name is Tawni, has been extremely helpful and patient in providing guidance as I go through this process. She is a marvelous teacher/coach!"

"The experience I had at this facility and with it's staff was nothing short of exemplary. Not to mention life-changing. I feared this place far too long because of it's reviews and stigma. Pathways was my truly my pathway/gateway to new found hope, sobriety, and overall wellness."

“I have had numerous hospital stays in Spokane and Seattle, and my experience at Logan Health was outstanding! Everyone made me feel cared for and special! I especially want to thank my nurses…for their genuine TLC, hard work, expertise and the very best nursing care ever! [They] represent the gold standard in nurses!”