Patient Family Advisory Council

The Patient Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety at Logan Health is a formal group that meets regularly for active collaboration between clinicians, hospital staff, patients and family members on policy and program decisions.

Being a provider of health care in our community, we greatly appreciate our longtime partnership with surrounding communities for more than 100 years. We are committed to providing quality health care to our patients and families whom we are so honored to serve and care for – every day!

We value this relationship and truly believe that a Patient Family Advisory Council with a shared vision will help to build stronger and healthier communities.

From right to left Sue Justis, Ava Harwood (council chair), Florence Nightingale (played by Teri Steffens), Lisa Blyth, Bert Blyth, Sandy Reich.

Join Us

A patient's family, loved ones, and/or caregivers often hold significant knowledge and context, which allows them to be a champion advocate during hospitalizations or health transitions. We're committed to partnering with our patients and their families to create positive experiences at Logan Health.

If you have ideas to help improve care for patients and their families, please consider applying to join us so we can serve and improve our community together.

Patient Family Advisory Council Application
Patient Family Advisory Council Bylaws