Guide for Medical Providers and Staff

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Responding to Media Requests

Telling our story is important. The office of marketing communications at Logan Health is committed to helping you and your department receive the recognition you deserve.

Please contact us for assistance in all interactions with the media. This includes notifying marketing communications prior to responding to inquiries or soliciting coverage. It is the policy of Logan Health to escort any reporters for interviews on campus. If you have questions, please contact your marketing communications representative.

Filming/Photography Requests

Filming and photography requests must be reviewed and approved by the office of marketing communications. In addition, a member of the marketing communications office must escort any film crews. Depending on the need and availability, a member of your office may be needed to escort film crews and oversee filming. Filming requests generally fall into the following categories: 1) interviews with news outlets and 2) documentaries or videos for a third-party outlet.

If you receive a request for an interview, please contact the office of marketing communications as soon as possible. Per institutional guidelines, a member of the media relations team must be present for any interview (print/online/TV). We request at least a one-hour notice for on-site interviews.

Documentary or other filming requires four to six weeks’ notice to allow the office of marketing communications time to negotiate a location agreement. Filming requests that incorporates a patient or patient information require six to eight weeks’ notice and must be accompanied by a signed patient information release form.

Inquiries from External Companies

External companies, vendors and/or public relations firms must coordinate with the office of marketing communications prior to approaching medical providers or staff for media interviews, quotes in press releases, reviews or endorsements. The office of marketing communications interacts with departments across the organization to review and coordinate with external companies to protect the reputation and credibility of Kalispell Regional Healthcare. To submit a request, fill out our contact request form.

External Communication from Third Parties

Any content distributed by third parties that includes Logan Health or one of its entities must be reviewed and approved by the office of marketing communications. All press releases must be reviewed by the office of marketing communications and may also be reviewed by various other departments, including department manager, administration, the Institutional Review Board and legal counsel. Please allow at least 10 business days for review and approval.