Community Benefit Report

Our Community Benefit

Fiscal Year 2021 (Calendar Year 2020)
By offering high-quality health care, responding to community needs, and concentrating resources in areas that truly make a difference, Logan Health maintains a rich tradition of providing benefit to the community. Our community benefit effort is a measured approach to meeting identified community health needs, particularly in the vulnerable, uninsured and underserved communities.

Logan Health demonstrates a commitment to promote health, well-being and a caring spirit throughout the community. These activities bring little or no payment to our hospitals, but are sustained because they are valuable to our region and support our mission. As a not-for-profit health care organization, Logan Health is dedicated to improving the health, comfort and lives of the people we serve.

Cost of Charity Care $7,840,965
Medical attention to the region's most vulnerable and uninsured means that Logan Health provides care regardless of a patient's ability to pay, insufficient health insurance or whether government-sponsored programs cover the full cost of services. Charity care does not include bad debt.

Programs and Services $33,145,461
Logan Health's mission is fulfilled through clinical and support services, health education opportunities, and programs to residents directly within our own communities. We support our community by providing health education events, community clinics, support groups, emergency and trauma services, women's and children's services, hospice and home health services, behavioral health services, and more.

Uncompensated Cost of Care $34,808,536
The Medicare and Medicaid programs pay Logan Health less than it costs the organization to provide care to its Medicare and Medicaid patients. The amount shown reflects the actual cost to provide these and other government sponsored health services above reimbursement.

Bad Debt $9,277,640
Bad debt is the total cost incurred by Logan Health for services provided to patients who have not paid their bills and who have not demonstrated their inability to pay.

Total Value to the Community $85,072,602
While Logan Health, as a not-for-profit service organization, receives local tax exemptions for many of the services we provide, our total community benefit far exceeds the total of those exemptions. In addition, Logan Health and its affiliates currently pay more than $2.5 million in property taxes and fees to Flathead County for nonexempt services such as durable medical equipment and a retail pharmacy, and for businesses such as Logan Health Wellness & Pain Management, which provides traditional and alternative health care options for patients with chronic pain.