Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our Nurse Residency Program. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions by applicants. If you cannot find answers to your questions on this page, please contact [email protected]

Application Process
Q: What are you looking for in candidates for nursing positions at Logan Health? 
A: We are looking for energetic, passionate new nurses who have the desire to care for our community members, the ability to prioritize patient safety, and be valuable members of the Logan Health care team.
Q: What does the application process entail? 
A: Candidates will submit a cover letter and résumé, and complete a unit preference questionnaire. Please include in your résumé the department and hours completed for senior practicum or preceptorship, if known.
Q: To whom should I address my cover letter? 
A: You may address your cover letter to Logan Health RN Residency. 
Q: What if I haven’t graduated by the time applications are due? 
A: You may apply to positions prior to graduation, but you must graduate, pass the NCLEX, and have a Montana State RN license prior to starting the program. 
Interview and Hiring
Q: What does the interview process entail? 
A: Interviews for each cohort are held virtually over one to two days.

Time Commitment
Q: How many hours per week do nurse residents work? 
A: Nurse Residents will work their hired FTE and may work up to 40 hours a week. Please note the first four months of hire are demanding as nurse residents must balance Nurse Residency classes, unit-based orientation classes and patient care shifts. Nurse residents may work several days in a row with only a few days off in-between their workdays. Nurse Residency class frequency diminishes around four months leading to more flexibility in scheduling.

Q: Will I be working nights, weekend and holidays? 
A: Yes. Each unit has weekend and holiday requirements. You will most likely be hired into a position in which you will work evening or nighttime hours.

Q: Do I get vacation time during my nurse residency? 
A: It is expected that the nurse resident will attend all residency classes AND unit-specific orientation shifts that mimic their Preceptor’s schedule. This time line is approximately 13-20 weeks and requests for time off during this time will need to be submitted prior to the start date of the Cohort. Requests received after the start date will be assessed individually and will not be guaranteed. 

Q: How long am I expected to remain on the unit or area I am hired to? 
A: It is anticipated that RN residents will remain working on the unit or area they are hired to for the duration of the one-year RN Residency Program.
Work Expectations
Q: When are nurse residency classes? 
A: Nurse Residency is a year-long program. Class dates and times will vary throughout residency and will be communicated in advance for you to prepare. Classes are every other week in the first four months of the program and then switch to monthly. The first four months of hire are demanding as nurse residents must balance Nurse Residency classes, unit-based orientation classes and patient care shifts.

Q: What should I expect for my scheduled patient care orientation shifts? 
A: Your patient care orientation shifts generally mirror your preceptor’s schedule. This means you can be scheduled any day of the week. Shifts typically begin at 7 am or 7 pm and are 12 to 13 hours in duration. 

Q: How should I dress? 
A: For patient care orientation shifts on your unit, required attire includes navy blue or white scrub tops and pants. No nail polish is allowed in patient care areas. Residency class days require either scrubs or business casual attire. Closed-toe shoes are required in all areas. Badges should be above the waist and visible to others in the hospital at all times. 
Pay and Licensure
Q: What does a Nurse Resident get paid? 
A: Starting wage for Nurse Residents is the same as a new hire wage for each unit. Full-time employment and benefits begin on the first day of the residency; details will be discussed with the candidate and Human Resources Department upon hire. For questions regarding pay and benefits prior to starting, please contact Logan Health Human Resources Department at [email protected]. 
Q: How do I obtain information about Montana state nursing licensure? 
A: Please visit the Montana Board of Nursing website at
Q: What if my license is still pending upon start date? 
A: In the event that a candidate receives and accepts a job offer for the RN Residency Program but still has a pending RN license at the time of the deadline, we will work with that candidate to attempt to postpone their start date to that of the next available cohort, which is usually around 3 months later. Please note that this is not always possible, and each situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, we may have to rescind the job offer entirely if the RN license deadline is not met.