CNA Program

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Certified Nursing Aides, also referred to as CNAs, are an essential part of a facility's care team. CNAs perform a number of important patient care duties, such as taking patient vital signs, assisting patients with daily activities, as well as sanitizing patient rooms to help keep a safe and healthy healing environment.

Logan Health's Certified Nurse’s Aide Program allows students the opportunity to get paid while they are training to obtain a CNA certification. Upon passing the CNA exam, students will be placed in Logan Health Brendan House with a minimum one year commitment to the organization. All CNAs are eligible for a $500 bonus at 30 days of employment and another $500 at 60 days of employment.

Upcoming CNA Training Session: September 13 - October 4

CNA students are required 40 classroom course hours and 35 clinical hours, which will occur at Logan Health Brendan House, our long-term care facility. 

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