Northwest Women's Health Care

Northwest Women's Healthcare

Complete Wellness for Women

You will find a place where we will listen like a friend, while offering professionalism in the care and treatment of every woman as an individual.

Our providers see approximately 1,000 women each month. Many of these women have traveled from outside the state and from Canada for the level of care offered by our providers. Same-day appointments are available.

Our pledge to provide excellent care means continuously learning and sharing in the medical community. Our providers meet daily before patients arrive to ensure that all is in order to provide our signature level of care that day. This collaboration means that patients are able to benefit from the talents and expertise of the entire team. Our team is committed to resolving each patient’s concerns with comprehensive and coordinated care.

Our team shares a passion for their profession and strives for current treatment options for their patients. The surgeons at Northwest Women’s Health Care have been leaders in the use of minimally invasive surgery employing laparoscopic surgery with incisions so small that patients are often sent home the same day with only a Band-Aid or Steri-Strip. Current procedures and treatments available at Northwest Women’s Health Care include vaginal laser treatments, gynecology, vaginal repair, infertility treatment, ultrasound and procedures to treat urinary incontinence. Our clinic also offers Essure, a minimally invasive sterilization procedure.

All of our providers encourage you to participate in your health care with an emphasis on preventive measures and maintaining wellness. We provide handouts and online test results, and we encourage you to become educated about your health and make individual choices for a healthy lifestyle, treatment and care.


"I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you again for the beautiful rose, but even more for having come in on your day off to do my surgery. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me. Blessings to you and the entire staff at Northwest Women’s Health Care – you are all awesome."
– Sincerely, Heidi

"Northwest Women’s Health Care crew, thank you so much for your kindness, patience and support. You all rock!"
– Sincerely, Amelia

"I wanted to thank you for being a caring and thoughtful doctor. Your knowledge and expertise put both my mother and I at ease. I want you to know that my procedure with you helped steer me in the right direction to gain full healing. Thank you so much for everything."
– Sincerely, Jane