Grateful Patient Program

Perhaps it was a kind word or a smile that brought you or your family member comfort. It could have been a life-saving procedure or a visit from a volunteer during your hospital stay.

At Logan Health, patient care is at the heart of every member of our team. The Grateful Patient & Family Program provides you the opportunity to say thank you to the caregivers who made a difference and were there when you needed them the most.

Sponsored by the Logan Health Foundation, the Grateful Patient & Family Program provides an opportunity for you to say thank you in a special and meaningful way to the doctors, nurses and hospital staff that made a difference to you or your family during your time at Logan Health.

Gifts from Grateful Patients and Families will:

  • Advance and support healthcare delivery and patient care;
  • Benefit current programs and services;
  • Support innovative clinical education programs;
  • Underwrite the cost of new equipment and technology; and
  • Build new facilities for the healthcare needs of our community.

Here's how it works:

Just make a gift in tribute to a staff member in support of the Grateful Patient & Family Program. Contributions may be designated to a specific clinical area, department, service or program, or may support an area of special meaning to you and your family. While keeping the dollar amount confidential, we will send an acknowledgment card announcing that you have recognized him/her. The doctor, nurse or staff member honored by your gift will be notified of your thoughtfulness by receiving a custom buffalo lapel pin to wear proudly every day. A traditional sacred symbol, the buffalo is regarded by many cultures as providing all good things for living and great curing powers.

When you contribute financially to the Grateful Patient & Family Program, you recognize and celebrate the excellence of care you or a loved one received at Logan Health, and in turn, your appreciation lives on by helping others receive outstanding care.

Say Thank You now, with a Grateful Patient & Family program gift.