Champions of Healthcare

Foundation Gift of Hope

Philanthropy: A Gift from the Heart

Cal Sweet, former Kalispell Regional Healthcare Board Member

"Philanthropy is rooted in the concept that caring people will voluntarily reach out with aid and comfort for others when a need exists. For years, our community has enhanced care at Kalispell Regional Medical Center, now Logan Health, particularly by supporting the A.L.E.R.T. air ambulance service and by contributing countless volunteer hours at the hospital. People who not only live in our community, but who want to make it a better place have stepped forward, giving generously from the heart to make sure we have the best possible health care for our citizens. Giving is a privilege, not an obligation, and my wife and I feel privileged to be able to give back to the community we love by supporting the Logan Health Foundation. Philanthropy is serving our community well at Logan Health. We look back at our accomplishments with satisfaction, but also look forward to how much more we need to do."

Philanthropy Helps Maintain Quality Health Care

Dr. William Boehme, retired physician and Kalispell Regional Healthcare Foundation Board Member

"We are blessed to have a vibrant medical community, with the latest equipment and talented professionals who provide excellent care to our citizens. Unfortunately, this comes at a price not totally covered by private and government insurance – not to mention the increasing number of under- and noninsured. Private philanthropy is important to cover these financial shortfalls to maintain high quality health care and retain the ability to provide the latest technology available. Our hospital board and administration have been thoughtful and far-seeing in supporting a progressive environment. I have supported the Kalispell Regional Healthcare Foundation in the past and will continue to do so in the future. As a health care professional, I am impressed by what we have here, and as a citizen of this community, I want to make sure that the best possible health care is available for me and my family, as well as for my neighbors and friends. In these days of declining health care reimbursements, private philanthropy is increasingly important to maintain a strong health care system for all of us. Please join me in supporting the important work of the Kalispell Regional Healthcare Foundation."

Giving Your Talents as Well as Your Treasures

Marcia Rieke, community resident and Foundation volunteer

"I have seen health care evolve. But with new technology comes a high price tag, and at the same time, the government reimbursements have fallen consistently and dramatically. Hospitals who have had foundations have been able to provide equipment and services beyond the realm of the hospital budget. This enables patients to receive better care and enables them to stay closer to home.

Foundations count on people who are willing to give their time as well as money. Not all of us are wealthy enough to give a large monetary gift; however, there is a satisfaction in giving of ourselves to ease the pain of others and assist a patient or family member during a stressful time.

There are so many ways to assist the many entities of the Kalispell Regional Healthcare Foundation by honoring a health care provider, treasuring the memory of a loved one or supporting a department (and a piece of equipment) that cares for patients with illnesses that have touched your life.

I invite you to join me in remembering the Foundation in the manner that suits you best!"