Journey Together Presentations

Journey Together

  • Join us the last Tuesday of each month from Noon to 1 p.m. for a wellness educational presentation on a variety of topics.
  • Journey together with us to discover your best self.
  • Presentations will be in person at Logan Health Fitness Center, conference room 2, Logan Health Paintbrush Room or Logan Health McDonald/Glacier Room
  • All presentations are FREE!
  • No Registration Required
Contact Jude for more information about any presentation: 406.751.7189

Monthly Topics - Last Tuesday, Noon - 1 p.m.

Benefits of Meal Planning - May 31
Presenter: Holly Nickels
Logan Health Paintbrush Room
“It’s 4 pm, you are short of time and you are wondering what to have for dinner”. Your options are fast food or stopping at the deli counter at the grocery store neither of which is really that appealing or healthy.  Inflation is hurting all of us and we know that meals prepared at home are not only less expensive but significantly healthier.  Learn how to make a plan that works for you and your family. 

Creating a Change Mindset – Learning to Embrace Change - June 28
Presenter: Gwen Gates
Logan Health McDonald/Glacier Room
Mindsets shape how you see the world and how you show up in it. Learn ways to change your mindset so you can start thinking and reacting in new ways.

Hydrate- Feel Great! - July 26
Presenter: Gwen Gates
Logan Health McDonald/Glacier Room
Water and your Brain – What happens when you don’t drink enough water

Stretch to Feel GREAT - August 30
Presenter: Val Goss
Paintbrush Room
Stretching improves posture and balance and decreases pain. Discover why. And learn what steps to take to improve your flexibility and energize your life.

Tai Chi a Form of Moving Meditation - September 27
Presenter: Jude Spors-Murphy
Learn the benefits of Tai Chi both mentally and physically, this is an active learning class and you will learn some Tai Chi

Bye Bye Nicotine - October 25
Presenter: Deb Harding
Whether you want to quit tobacco products yourself or want to support a family member or friend, a tobacco cessation specialist will share tips and strategies that can help one break free from this powerful addiction through a change in mindset and behaviors.  Success is possible!

Mindful Eating /Positive Body Image - November 29
Presenter: Barbi Webber
Join Barbi Webber BSW , CHWC ,in Exploring Emotional Eating and Negative Body Talk !  Discuss and Discover how it causes a person Wellness Imbalance in negative thoughts and behaviors .Acquire New coping skills to Re-Balance your relationship with feeding and quest for Positive Self-Talk!

Crafting Your Own Wellness Vision - December 27
Presenter: Val Goss
Become your BEST SELF by knowing where you are going in your quest for health and happiness.  Come prepared to envision your healthy future, and you will leave with a clear plan to get there!

How to Set Goals for Success - January 31, 2023
Presenter: Jude Spors-Murphy
Learn how to make SMART goals and how they are important in measuring your success.