Meet Our Wellcoaches Team

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All Wellcoaches are Trained and Certified by Wellcoaches School of Coaching. To learn more about Wellcoaches visit:

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Dana Dobson

Applied Science in Personal Training Certificate
A.C.S.M. Personal Trainer Certified
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Certified

As a personal trainer I have learned how small successes can leads to major life changes. We are all on a journey.  We are all fighting our own fight.  It is my privilege to share this journey with my clients.  The greatest joy I receive from wellness coaching is being a small part of the growth of self confidence and wellbeing that occurs as a person discovers that they can do it, they are strong.   Wellness, weight loss and fitness are a second career for me.  Because exercise and living a healthy lifestyle had such a huge impact on my own self esteem it became my passion to help others feel better about themselves.  Certified since 2010, I believe I offer a fresh and wholehearted passion to help others be their best selves.


Sonya French

MSW Social Work
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Certified

I love celebrating Success with my clients. I’ve met people from all walks of life and recognize that we are all just that: families and individuals, adapting and adjusting to life’s challenges. An intriguing aspect of coaching is identifying patterns and triggers.  If someone tries to address the pattern of mindless eating at night, they have to be gentle with themselves as new habits are being created.  Perhaps logging in the times of when mindless eating occurs accompanied by a log of emotions that trigger those behaviors might be helpful.  Coaching is the appreciation of where we have been, focusing on the present, and planning for the future. As a busy working mother of teenagers, I understand the need to find ‘balance’ and taking advantage of brief moments of peace. Finding the balance while prioritizing health, fitness and happiness is a journey I’d like to walk with you.


Valerie Goss

BS Exercise Science
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Certified

Like you, wellness coach and personal trainer Valerie Goss strives to be "well" in all areas of her life - mind, body, and soul.  This quest for ultimate health and happiness led her to begin her career in 2001 as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  Adding wellness coaching to the mix in 2017, she inspires and challenges you to go beyond what you would do alone.  With a passion for helping people realize their potential, she will guide you in setting realistic goals, and view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.  She is inspired by her fellow coaches and endeavors to live each day to the fullest.  Her goal is to wake up each day with a purpose and a heart full of joy!  When she is not at The Summit she likes to jog and garden, but she spends most of her spare time chasing two fabulous teenage boys!

Deborah Harding

MPH, DrPH in behavior change
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Certified

I believe that “outside the box thinking” happens with a spirit of light-hearted fun and collaboration with a trusted partner. I particularly enjoy helping you connect with a wellness vision that resonates with your energy and gets the motivational juices flowing.  I offer my unwavering belief in your ability to be successful.  My subspecialty is empowering people to learn to live without nicotine and encouraging those in recovery.   I am convinced that what we can’t do alone – we can do together.  One of my favorite quotes is from Michelangelo: “I saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free.”  A great coach helps us chip away at layers of clutter to reveal “your best self”.  To start your journey, send me a confidential email to


Rose Nicholson

Personal Trainer, Cooper Institute Certified
Group Fitness Instructor, Cooper Institute & Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Certified
Parisi Sports Performance Coach Certified
Healthways Instructor for Older Adult Exercise Certified
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Certified

My path to becoming a wellness coach began when I was a teenager. I started running to alleviate negative emotions and challenging obstacles in my life. I found freedom and strength through physical fitness. This led to my career choice to become a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I have been motivating individuals and groups since 1993. Wellness coaching is another opportunity to inspire and challenge people to be their best and give them the freedom to live life to its fullest!  My greatest experiences with coaching are witnessing increased confidence; celebrating successes and exploring new possibilities; learning and growing together; finding joy in the journey.

Kelye Odell

MS Education
BS Education
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Trained
My personal and professional background includes both the fields of education and medicine, and I have been blessed to combine them since joining the Cardiac Rehab Department at the Summit in 2009. It has been particularly gratifying for me to be able to assist patients who have had major cardiac and/or pulmonary events work to recover and gain a measure of conditioning, and for many, attain a new and higher level of health. This latter group has been part of what led me to pursue additional training as a Wellness Coach. Add to that my love of being physically active, and living in a place that has so much to offer that way, and it’s easy for me to be a very enthusiastic coach for anyone wanting to make changes toward better health in their lives. Whether a first timer just considering making changes or a veteran of fitness and activity looking for a little fine-tuning, I love coming alongside people to assist them in achieving life-enhancing goals. It makes the work fun, and it’s really worth it!

Teckla Putnam

BS Exercise Science
N.S.C.A. Personal Trainer Certified
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches School of Coaching Certified

With a background  in exercise science, I have been fortunate spending all of my career in a hospital-based wellness center where it has been my passion to engage people in activity to overcome disease, enable healing or simply to be strong and fit for life.  I have enjoyed work in cardiac, pulmonary, cancer, eating disorder and athletic injury rehabilitation as well as personal training.  Montana is a very special place to live, work and play.  Helping people discover and remember why they want to be Well is a rewarding and energizing process to be a part of.   Hearing what delights, frustrates, excites and even puzzles us all about what it means to eat well, move more, stress less and have brighter health is a privilege.  Being creative together to discover new ways of supporting real and lasting change is my favorite aspect of coaching.   We know that exercise and good nutrition will afford us better health but the challenges are the reason for an ally.

Krista Rufenach

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Resource Management and a minor in Athletic Training. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Wellness Coach.  I have a passion for helping clients of all ages and abilities reach their goals and see their potential above and beyond where they thought they could go.  I am an avid runner, triathlete and mother of two wonderful kids.  I strive to be the best person I can be and want to help others do the same for themselves. 

Barbi Webber

BSW in Social Work
Member of National Association of Social Workers
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Certified

Barbi has mentored individuals for 30 years suffering from disordered eating and negative body image. Barbi's personal experiences enable her to positively motivate others who suffer from the same disorders she once had. Barbi is a motivated speaker on behalf of eating disorder education, body image, bullying, and disordered eating awareness and prevention.