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Fall Group Fitness Workshop

$79 per session OR $199 for all three if you register by October 20, 2023

  • SATURDAY MORNING: Gliding Certification 9 a.m. - noon 4 CECs / Lunch Session Free Lecture: Disneyland Experience noon - 1 p.m.
  • SATURDAY AFTEROON: Bootcamp Buckets 1 - 3 p.m. 2 CECs / HIIT Parade 3 - 5 p.m. 2 CECs
  • SUNDAY MORNING: Cycle, Pedal and Pulse 8 - 9:30 a.m. 2 CECs / Buns, Legs, Core and More 9:45 - 11:15 a.m. 2 CECs
  • Free Lecture and Wrap-up: The other 23 hours 11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m

Led by Fitness Pro Mindy Mylrea Mindy Mylrea is multiple award winning presenter, including 2017 CanFitPro LifeTime Achievement Award, 2015 Trainer of the Year, 2015 International Presenter of the Year and 2013 CanFITPro Specialty presenter of the year, a World Aerobic Champion, and sponsored athlete. Mindy is the creator and lead talent behind Tabata Bootcamp, Gliding, Fluid Strength, and Extreme HIIT Chaos. She is a master trainer for Schwinn Cycling, Silver and Fit, and Bosu. 

Gliding Certification: The gliding discs are a staple in most training programs and there are the tried and true gliding exercises we always default to. But what more is there? Oh so much more! You are in for a treat because you are about to experience gliding reinvented. Learn from the creator herself the magic of gliding and how your body can be super challenged with this simple tool. From lower body, upper body and core you will walk away with a unique and diverse library for your training toolbox. Includes online library and workouts.

Creating the Disney Land Experience (free lecture): Close your eyes and transport yourself to the gates of Disney Land. It is early morning before anyone has been let in. You have arrived early to soak in every minute that this day has in store for you. What magic will unfold today? What amazing moments and memories will this day yield that will live in you forever. Teaching a group exercise class should be nothing short of a day in Disney Land. Okay – a day in Disney Land without the lines. And it all starts way before anyone has arrived at the front gate. We all know that preparation will make or break any presentation and the preparation for the Disney experience goes way beyond knowing your content getting and to the venue early.

Bootcamp Buckets: Bootcamp training is such a blast to teach but very time consuming to create. What if there was an easy systematic approach to creating crazy creative killer bootcamp classes that your students would love? Now there is. Welcome to Bootcamp Buckets. Learn the system and the strategies for creating smart, safe, and sizzling training sessions every time.

HIIT Parade: Fartik, Tabata, Little 30-20-10, 12-8, positive recovery, negative recovery, longer intervals, shorter intervals – when to use it and when not to. So many options and so little time. What is a trainer to do? Trust Mindy to hold your hand and guide you through the HIIT Parade. Learn the science then strategically put HIIT training to the test. Formulate progressions and principals for success and retention and create training sessions that matter.

Cycle, Pedal and Pulse: Indoor cycling meets barre in a fusion program that’s taking the country by storm. Amazing cardio combos on the bike flow into elongating, strength-based barre training on the floor using the bike as a barre. Finally, barre students can get the cardio work done and die-hard cyclists can get the flexibility and elongation training of barre.

Buns, Legs, Core, and More: Using an integrated closed chain, linked movement patterning progression Mindy will weave seamlessly through lower body, upper body, and core connections that will hit every muscle in every way. Change the way you approach / progress / regress and structure your workouts. Integrate the body and the body will understand movement through agility, grace, and power.

The Other 23 Hours (free lecture): Behavior changes that makes sense and that work. The seeds we plant while we are with our clients can lead to great change and sustained success. Learn thoughtful transformation tactics to help your clients succeed in their wellness journey.