Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay the monthly fee even if I don't use the facility?

Yes. The Summit does not bill based on individual usage. If you want to be charged only for the days you use then you need to pay the current day rate. Membership options are for those individuals who are looking to commit to a fitness lifestyle, and who are looking for the best value for their dollar. Monthly membership fees are charged so that The Summit can have its facilities, personnel, equipment, classes and programs available to the members on a consistent basis.


May I bring guests to The Summit?

Yes. All standard membership accounts (this excludes Temporary, Scholarship and Clinical memberships) receive 7 free guest passes each year. Guest passes are not cumulative and expire on July 1st. Requests for guest passes will not be taken over the phone. Members can check guests in personally at the Front Desk, or fill out guest vouchers at the Front Desk ahead of time.
Note: Visitors under 18 cannot utilize the weight or cardiovascular area, even with adult supervision. Utilization of these areas is for members 13 and up and visitors over 18 only. Visitors under age 18 with adult supervision may:
* Under age visitors are always welcome during Open Swim times as this is a staff supervised activity and during Open Climb if they are belay certified (rental equipment is available).
* Visitors under 18 and members under 13 can use the track, and aerobic studios during open studio time; utilize the gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and hockey, pickle ball, and badminton during teen or open gym times, and play racquetball or volleyball (reservations may be necessary) with adult supervision.


Do I have to pay to play tennis at the Tennis Center?

Yes. You can play tennis at the Tennis Center  by paying the current court fees. Please see the Tennis section for more information.


Can I add family members onto my account later on?

Yes. As long as the family member meets The Summit's guidelines for family eligibility they can be added to your account. The difference in Registration fee along with the pro-rated portion for the month will be charged to establish the new member on the account. A new 12 month contract will be initiated at this time which will nullify the first contract.


What do I do if I am sick or hurt and can't use the facility?

The Summit allows a free extended Medical Leave for prolonged illness or injury. A letter from a physician is required to verify the condition. There is a three month limit with review by management at that time, and it cannot exceed twelve consecutive months. A doctor's release is required to reactivate the membership.


Can I take time off for vacation?

Yes. The Summit currently has a Vacation Freeze option in place. Consult Member Services or review the Member Policies & Procedures handbook for current rates and procedures.


Will someone show me how to use the equipment?

Yes. All new members 13 and over will attend a free fitness consultation with a certified trainer. The trainer will work with you on goal setting and show you proper use of, and technique on, the equipment. Plan on about an hour and come prepared for a moderate work-out. A follow-up appointment is also available if you like.


Why do I have to pay a Registration Fee?

There are two reasons for a registration fee. First, the registration fee is a sign of your commitment not only to The Summit, but also to yourself-it is your investment in a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, the registration fee is required to offset the actual costs of starting a new member, as well as to provide ongoing services to existing members including, but not limited to, the following:
Member Services Staff are needed to show the facility, to describe the equipment, to explain the programs available, to answer questions, explain rates and other membership information, to input new members into the computer system, and to provide on-going, individualized account service to members.
Accounting Staff are needed to establish and maintain repetitive charges to the accounts based on individual member needs. In many cases they must work with other accounting and payroll offices, banks, and credit card companies to insure accurate billing for our members.
Fitness Staff are provided to conduct fitness consultations for new members, as well as to be available almost every hour The Summit is open. They review the Health Medical forms required by all adult members (13 and over) to insure that members are not at risk, and also so they can recommend the best fitness program possible based on individual needs. In some cases fitness staff may be in contact with members' medical professionals to verify information, or to get approval, guidelines, or recommendations for the members before beginning a fitness program. Orientations typically last around 1 hour with a follow up if necessary-these sessions are valued at $45 per hour, not counting the preparatory and follow up work involved.  Our complimentary Fit Start appointment (another new member benefit) is provided by the fitness staff and is valued at $89.00 per hour.
Following is a partial list of amenities included in your Summit membership:
- Vacation plan available
- Free medical leave
- Flexible membership options
- 7 Free Guest Passes per account annually
- Free and non-revenue generating classes which are medically based and scientifically sound
- Soccer, volleyball and pickleball leagues
- Free health lectures and support groups
- Free wellness app (Fit Start)
- On-site day care
- Quality youth programs
- Teen After Hours Program
- Senior classes and programs
- CPR certified staff, AED and Oxygen on site for emergencies
- Certified Personal Trainer on duty most hours of operation
- Fitness towels provided
- Full size lockers
- Pool, hot tub, saunas, and steam rooms
- State of the art facility with accessible hours
- Separate change rooms for adults, families, boys, and girls
- Convenient check-in
- Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) billing available from checking, savings, or credit card accounts