Youth Academies

Youth Development Academies

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Youth Training Academy
A unique training session focused on building a solid athletic foundation for your child. Our emphasis will be on teaching the fundamentals of strength and conditioning in both a safe environment and with an individualized comprehensive process. We will teach them how to properly go through a training program which includes a warm-up, a power and speed component, a strength component, and a conditioning component. The athlete will learn how to safely use a variety of equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells and become comfortable in the weight room. As each athlete progresses, they will learn to apply the fundamentals throughout growth and development as their skills and programs become more advanced.
Speed Training Academy
Speed wins. This course is specifically designed to improve your speed, acceleration, and change of direction. Training will focus on sprinting and change of direction mechanics, explosiveness, and agility.
Vertical Training Academy
Vertical jump is a game changer in many sports to take an athlete to a higher level of competition. This class will help with the technique, power and strength needed to increase your vertical jump.