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Baseline Concussion Testing FAQs
Why do we baseline test?
  • Research supports baseline testing so that there is documentation of how the brain is cognitively functioning prior to a concussion so that when we think they are healed we can repeat the test and ensure they are doing as well as they were before.
  • Normative data can be adequate for interpretation when baseline testing is not available, however, using normative data does not take into account pre-existing factors that can influence baseline neurocognitive data.
  • When there is a learning disability present, application of standard age-based norms has the potential to negatively skew clinical decision-making.
Who do we baseline test?
  • We test ALL incoming Freshmen and Juniors for all CONTACT sports, plus cheer and track (pole vault & high-jump only)
  • In addition, we test any NEW to the school or History of Concussion in previous school year for  Sophomores and Seniors
  • The ImPACT test is valid for children ages 13+
When do we test?
  • We test at the beginning of each season (FALL, WINTER, SPRING) for school sponsored sport programs at each school on day 1 of tryouts.
    • Testing is REQUIRED for participation
  • We offer these same testing times to local league or club athletes requiring testing by scheduling with each school’s athletic trainer.  If you are in a league/club/non-school sport and testing is required, we ask that you contact the athletic trainer to set up testing times and you may do this at any school that has a trainer but recommend testing at your specific school.
What does the test include?
  • ImPACT is an online computerized cognitive test recommended by top medical and sport affiliations that measures multiple stimuli including:
    • Attention Span
    • Working Memory
    • Sustained and Elective Attention Time
    • Response Variability
    • Non-verbal Problem Solving
    • Reaction Time
  • Testing takes one hour, results are instant
What about children ages 5-12?
  • Recommended testing for this age group is the Biodex Balance Assessment
  • This test assesses how well an athlete can integrate various sense and compensate when those senses are compromised.  These tests assess visual, vestibular, and somatosensory integration through the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB) – different stances with eyes open and closed.
  • Testing takes minutes and results are instant.
  • At times, post-concussion when there are concerns regarding balance control, we will utilize this test for older ages as well.
  • If you are in a school sponsored sport, contact your school’s athletic trainer and they will inform you of your school's baseline testing dates, the cost is $5.
    • For a list of school athletic trainers and their email address, click HERE.
  • If you are in a league sport, contact April Terry at 871-8433 for an appointment
    • Testing is held at Logan Health Medical Fitness Center, 205 Sunnyview Ln, Kalispell, MT.
    • Cost is $15

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