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To schedule a personal training session, please complete the form below and submit. A personal trainer will contact you within a few days to schedule your personal training session.

  Personal Training Online Scheduling Form

Youth Training Sign Ups

For information on youth training and youth personal training options click HERE.

Personal Training Rates

Personal Training Rates
 Session Type Member Non-Member  
 One hour session $60.00 $70.00  
 4-Pak $228.00 $268.00  
 8-Pak $424.00 $520.00  
 12-Pak $588.00 $756.00  
 30-Minute Sessions Member Non-Member  
 One 30-minute session  $38.00  $45.00  
  4-Pak  $144.00  $168.00  
  8-Pak  $272.00  $320.00  
 12-Pak  $384.00  $456.00  
Partner Sessions Member Non-Member COMBO
 One hour Session $76.00 $90.00 $83.00
  4-Pak $300.00 $336.00 $312.00
  8-Pak $544.00 $640.00 $592.00
 12-Pak $768.00 $900.00 $840.00

Please review the following information regarding personal training at The Summit.
  • Packages expire twelve (12) months from date purchased and are non-refundable.
  • Pay at the Front Desk and have the session(s) put under the client's name.
  • You must check in at the front desk and let them know your trainer's name. 
  • You will receive a session slip to give to the trainer every session.  
CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must occur 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for that session.  Please call your trainer directly with schedule conflicts.  If you are unable to reach your trainer, call the Front Desk at 751-4100.

All Trainers Are Nationally Certified

Val Goss

BS Exercise Science
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor 
Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Beachbody PiYo Certified 

Valerie has a background in exercise science and has been a personal trainer for over 17 years. With a passion for helping you realize your potential, she will guide you in setting realistic goals and to view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.  She strives to challenge you to go beyond what you would do alone, as well as inspire you to make your happiness and health your number one priority.

Teckla Putnam

BS Exercise Science
N.S.C.A. Certified Personal Trainer
Wellcoaches Certified Health & Wellness Coach

With a background in exercise science, I have been fortunate spending all of my career in a hospital-based wellness center where it has been my passion to engage people in activity to overcome disease, enable healing, or simply to be strong and fit for life. I have enjoyed work in cardiac, pulmonary, cancer, eating disorder and athletic injury rehabilitation as well as personal training. Montana is a very special place to live, work and play. Helping people discover and remember why they want to be Well is a rewarding and energizing process to be a part of. Hearing what delights, frustrates, excites and even puzzles us all about what it means to eat well, move more, stress less and have brighter health is a privilege. Being creative together to discover new ways of supporting real and lasting change is my favorite aspect of coaching. We know that exercise and good nutrition will afford us better health but the challenges are the reason for an ally.


Janet Reynolds

ACE Group Fitness Instructor 
AFAA Personal Trainer Certification
Lemond Cycling certification
Silver Sneaker certification

Janet has served in the fitness industry for 35 years. She thoroughly enjoys the one on one aspect of personal training, especially after years of group fitness as an ACE certified group exercise, and Lemond spin instructor. Janet feels she has been blessed to have been able to do what she loves for many years in various facilities around the valley and looks forward to retirement!                       


Kevin Tibbetts