Get it All in One Workout

MetCon Program Description
This Metabolic Resistance Training Program challenges participants to increase their metabolic rate using barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell and other strength-based exercises with proper form through a medium to high intensity pace. Each Class begins with a short warm-up, and then moves to a strength and technique focused “Primary” usually incorporating a barbell movement paired with another complimenting strength or mobility focused movement.  The Class then progresses into a 20 - 25 minute circuit of exercises performed in a series using various form of resistance training.  This metabolic challenging programmed workout focus on completing Rep Schemes, Time Frames, or other programmed markers. We provide diverse workout variation weekly approach for all 3 workouts, while keeping an overall 8-9 week session goal, and an overall 6 month strength training cycle.  Above all, we strive to execute safe and proper 
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